List Of Cell Phone Repair Shops For Android iPad And Others

There is no problem without a solution no matter how seemingly impossible it might be. For every problem there is also a solution a doctor, yes a doctor to cure all illness. This is a general thing that reaches even to the world of Tech. Your smartphone can be repaired, I mean really fixed no matter how badly damaged it might appear to be.

But to do that you need to need to find out where to take it to. Just like a patient won’t go to anyhow doctor, you’re not expected to give your gadgets to anyhow repairer. You need a good reputable technician to fix your smartphone, this is why I put together the list of smartphone repair shops by location.

What can be fixed

The following gadgets can be repaired
1. iPhone and other iOS including iPads tablets, iPods etc
2. Any android devices such Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Huawei, etc.

They can be repaired when they develop such hardware and software faults like
*. Cracked screens
*. Broken LCDs
*. Jailbreaking/Unlocking and Rooting
*. Changing charging ports (no charging)
*. No sound/low audio
*. Water damage, maybe as a result of falling into water.

Shop list

Phone repair shops USA 1. cellphonerepair. They over repair services in most major cities in the US, you’ve to enter your zip code, city or state in the box provided to find one near you.
2.cellularrepair USA Services are: Battery Repair/Replacement, Keypad Replacement, Speaker Repair/Replacement, Mute Switch Repair/Replacement, Housing Replacement.
Located at 11532 Harry Hines Blvd Suite 212 Dallas Texas 75229

Others are:

3. cellularepaironline.
4. drcellphone

UK and North America

5. cpr North America
6. phonezones
7. Dr cell Canada
8. mobilephonedoctor Uk.

Africa and Nigeria

9. smartlab South Africa
10. cellrepair South Africa
11. vconnect
12. OLX

There are many others still, If you know some too you can add it using the comment box below. Meanwhile share this article with others, you never know who could be in need of this.

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