Easy Way To Get Many Facebook Friends And Page Likes Fast

How To Get Many Facebook Friends And Page Likes Fast

This is one of those Facebook tutorial that I sell to people with a hush hush tag, which means no talking, if you get it you keep silent. But as a part of freebies I’m giving out each week I’ve decided to make this public by posting it here for free! Modifying it to suit all. I’m no more keeping silent because I can’t eat it, or can I?

Important! This is Eco system friendly

I got you there didn’t I? What has Eco system got to do with Facebook and in extent the Internet? I believe you know what Eco-system means on Earth and what harms it. The internet is saturated with many pollutants, some dangerous, things like bots and softwares that promises to get you thousands of likes in a day or even a month, like CO this fake bots and softwares can pollute your Facebook account(s) and even your computers, leaving you with banned accounts and virus infected computers(have you heard about the malware Blacksheads?It’s things like this that attracts them)

With this method you’re safe,

  • No downloads
  • No script
  • No bots
  • No softwares
  • Your account and computer is safe

Steps to get many FB likes on page and friends

Depending on your needs i.e whether you need likes for your pages or friends this method is for you. If you’re familiar with the way FB is set up you’ll know that depending on manually adding of friends to reach the 5000 friends mark or even 1000 won’t be possible without you being bloked or worst suspended from adding friends on FB, if you try to force it you’ll get banned and your account disabled. So the best way to get those friends is to make them add you “if the mountain won’t come to You, You go to the mountain” in this case “if You can’t go to the Mountain make the Mountain come to You” make them add you, the best part of this you can target anybody! Which means you can get Facebook friends from US, Canada, UK, India, Nigeria, Pakistan etc.

Get Friends

  • Do a search for “Facebook Email list” adding keywords like “US” “India” etc depending on the country you want to target, you can even be creative by adding “young” “old” or “mothers” etc just to narrow it down. Or you simply download this email list of 5k FB users list Copy the emails to your clipboard like notepad, seperate each one with comma and save it.
  • On Facebook go to invite your friends Box-like field will come out where you’ll be required to paste those email addresses (make sure they are seperated with commas).
  • Next you’ll see a field where you’ll be asked to write an optional message to them. This is important as it’s perhaps the key for success. Simply writing something like “please add me” or ” I love you” won’t do it you need to show the them what can make them add you, the key here is to play with their curiosity, something like “long time ! Since high school” or “I never knew I could find you on Facebook” will instantly activate their curiosity and make them add you just to see who you are, and majority of FB users never care to unfriend friends once added unless those friends do something nasty, so the challenge is to get them to add you.(tip: try to hide your pictures, use an avatar for your profile picture, you can restore everything after they’ve added you.)
  • Click on invite your friends to send them friend request

For Pages

  • On your FB Page goto “buld page” and click on “invite email contacts”
  • Upload the Facebook email where contact list is indicated, click on invite to invite them.

Note: The number of friends and likes is directly proportional to the number of people who are active in your email list, i.e the more active people on your email list the more likes and friends you’ll get.
And now watch out for another freegive away “how to create your own email list manually free” this is not download stuff, I’ll just be handing you my secret of creating working email list without a dime spent (even Danny Rowse of Problogger uses it) but don’t expect it be simple if you’re lazy. “I won’t be giving fish next week, I’ll be showing you how to fish”

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