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Major Samsung Galaxy S3 Secret Codes and Functions

This is a list of major Samsung S3 smartphones that will help you fix your phones in case of malfunction, with this codes you really need a top tech to repair your S3 for you, you don’t

All Samsung Galaxy Hidden and Secret Codes

Samsung galaxy series are one smartphone that shouldn’t be missed, it’s just not their superior features or their super fast touchscreen that make them a must have, it’s the ability to engineer it, that is finding and

How Fix Camera Flash Not Working Android Phones

Here is a simple fix for flash camera not working on Android devices especially on Samsung devices. The steps am going to list here are no in particular order unless otherwise indicated, which means you can chose

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Specification Review

The Galaxy Smartphone family consists of many phones which are from a collection of amazing and exciting smartphones smartphones that you can’t break the bank for, yet they are expensive. It doesn’t matter if it’s S3, S4,

How To Auto Access Hidden Settings Of Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4, is one phone you shouldn’t mess around with or take for granted, it’s not all about the price or it’s classical and stylish look, which constitutes their physical attributes as can be seen by

Top 51 Practical Secret Codes For Samsung Galaxy Phones

When you talk about Samsung you talk about phone, when you do talk phone you’ll talk about Samsung galaxy mobile phones This cod es are there to help you explore and use the hidden features of your