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How To Easily Leave A Groupme Chat On Android And iPhone

Groupme is one of the many numerous SMS chat application and one of the few best applications in that niche. For Android: This going to be simple and straight to the point, no branching around, you’ll learn

How To Acces T-Mobile Full Site On Mobile Phones

It is frustrating when you’re trying to do something on a desktop site through mobile phone browser, apart from the bad formatting you’ll get on something that is made for bigger screen size that is PC crammed

How To Fix iMessage That Won’t Activate On iOS Devices

There are different ways and methods to solve this, so you have to try anyone that is easier for you, although all are easy. When activating iMessage or FaceTime, you might see one of these messages: Waiting

How To Fix Unfortunately WhatsApp No Longer Supports This Phone

In some phones WhatsApp has stopped working this means you can longer make use of your WhatsApp, you can’t even download any it any more, because WhatsApp has stopped some phones,  Phones like BlackBerry products. This is

How To Fix Facetime Video Not Working

If Facetime video is not working on your device here are things you need to do to fix this issue, 1. Check your connection – Facetime depends on either WiFi connection or cellular connection for it to

How To Easily Get Google Mobile Location History

Your Location History helps you get better results and recommendations on Google products. For example you can see the places you’ve been to, mode of transport whether by rail or air, even some pictures you’ve taken. Don’t

Simple Way To Fix Flash Light That Is Not Working On Android

If your phone’s flashlight refuses to turn on, this post is for you, because at the end of it you’ll learn how to make it work,not just to work temporarily, you will actually fix your device’s flashlight,

How Fix Camera Flash Not Working Android Phones

Here is a simple fix for flash camera not working on Android devices especially on Samsung devices. The steps am going to list here are no in particular order unless otherwise indicated, which means you can chose

4 Easy Ways To fix Unfortunately Phone Has Stopped On Android

This are the various steps that will help you solve the “unfortunately phone has stopped  “  error that is usually as a result of the phone or SIM toolkit application, especially when one updates its device ROM.

How To Read Someones WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing

Here is how to read your WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing. It is very easy, simple and highly effective. It may sound ridiculous, but don’t underestimate it. WhatsApp has pointers that shows the different state of