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7 Top Ways To Fix Can’t Download Apps From Play Store Fault

Here is how to easily fix can’t download applications from play store Problem. Especially when you click to download the progress bar will show, but there won’t be progress at all. It will appear to be paused

How To Fix Google Play Store Server Error

Here is the various simple way to fix google play store server error that is common in most Android phones.  I agree is quite frustrating, when you open your play store only for it you to see

How To Easily Get Google Mobile Location History

Your Location History helps you get better results and recommendations on Google products. For example you can see the places you’ve been to, mode of transport whether by rail or air, even some pictures you’ve taken. Don’t

How To Stop Notifications Of People On Google Plus Without Blocking

If you don’t want to block someone, perhaps the idea of blocking may seem mean or uncomfortable you feel that you don’t have any option is either you block the person or allow that person to keep

How To Unblock Someone On Google Plus And Still Retain Your Privacy

If you’ve already blocked someone on Google  and you decide to unblock that person fine you can do it. You can actually restore that person back to the state he or she was in before you applied

Simple Way To Block Someone On Google Plus Unnoticed

What to do when you are just feed up with a particular someone on your Google plus list, this someone might just be the disturbing or shady type. Seriously if someone is creepy or acting weird, and

How To Open Google Incognito Tab In Chrome For Private Browsing

There are those times where we won’t like to get noticed, where we just wish to browse without leaving any traces, you know literary leaving no Net-Footprints. Times we will just wish to do anything we need

USA vs Nigeria Google Trends shows Common Searches

Before it was Bing now it’s Google. If you don’t know it search engine giant has released it’s top trending US searches for 2013, along with top Nigerian searches So what did people search this year? The

Top Places to Ask Questions And Get Answers Fast

Have you wondered where you could ask questions and get answers fast? Maybe you have this question that is bothering you, you can’t ask it to your real friends or your parents since the question is private,

Mountain View California USA is Google Spying on My Website?

Many of us especially those who are using Statscounter web tracker maybe getting random visits from Google via its California head office, some times from location like Council Bluffs, Iowa and Lappeenranta, Finland, usually with the same