Simple Way To Block Someone On Google Plus Unnoticed

Simple Way To Block Someone On Google Plus UnnoticedWhat to do when you are just feed up with a particular someone on your Google plus list, this someone might just be the disturbing or shady type.

Seriously if someone is creepy or acting weird, and you’re uncomfortable then consider getting ride of him or her, it’s your Google plus account you own it, so you decide who gets in or out. There is nothing better than comfort, if you can’t get comfort from what you do not control, get it from what you do control, you don’t have to live with people that make you uncomfortable, if you don’t want too much post to saturate your feed then take steps to reduce the clutter.

This is what do if you want to block someone on Google Plus. Blocking stops the person from commenting on your post, but the person can still follow your Public profile. With this steps the offending person won’t notice.

1. First step is to sign into Google.

2. Goto the offending person’s profile.

3. Click or tap the arrow below their name.

6. Click the Report/Block (Person’s Name) from the dropdown menu.

7. Tick the box for Block (Person’s Name) in the options that appear. You also have the option of removing the offender from your circles altogether.

8. You’ll have the option of adding a reason for blocking the person. Otherwise hit done.

You’ve successfully blocked someone on your Google plus account.

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