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7 Top Ways To Fix Can’t Download Apps From Play Store Fault

Here is how to easily fix can’t download applications from play store Problem. Especially when you click to download the progress bar will show, but there won’t be progress at all. It will appear to be paused

Fix Snapchat connectivity And Claim Back Lost Streaks

Snapchat connectivity issues: This is how to get back, lost streak, on Snapchat. Before we go further, There are a few things users need to remember about streaks and keeping them before they think about filing for

How To Fix Unfortunately Badgeprovider Has Stopped Error

The, unfortunately, Badgeprovider has stopped error is quite common,  especially on Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, and other android phones. This issue has been given a lot of Android users a headache, as it seems to be popping out

Simple Way To Fix Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped

This often happens when you update your existing messenger to the latest version. Or you update your phone to latest software for instance moving from Lollipop to Marshmallow. This sudden change might trigger a malfunction on your

How To Fix Google Play Store Server Error

Here is the various simple way to fix google play store server error that is common in most Android phones.  I agree is quite frustrating, when you open your play store only for it you to see

How To Easily Clear Wifi Cache On Android

Here is how to easily clear your Wi-Fi cache on your Android phone through your wireless setting, in any version of Android be it Jellybean, Kit Kat, Gingerbread, Lollipop, Marshmallow or even Nougat. Clearing Wi-Fi cache the

How To Easily Force Format SD Card

If you have an SD card that doesn’t want to be formatted don’t throw it away just yet, wait till you try some methods to fix it. The SD is a type or brand of memory card,

Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped On Mi4i

It is quiet frustrating When you see this unfortunately google play services has stopped working error message pop up on your mi4i. There are many possible ways to fix this problem on your Android device. 1. Restart

How To Fix NAT Type Failed PS4 Error

It is quiet common to get Nat type error on PS4, it is frustrating especially if you love gaming on your console. Like you I got this error, I did some research, sifting through a lot of

4 Working Steps To Fix Flashlight Not Working On iPhone

Your flashlight is not working on your iPhone because of some certain things you’re doing and the things you’re not doing, not necessarily that your phone is bad. So there goes this question why is My Flashlight