How To Quickly Unlock Locked  Nvidia Account

How To Quickly Unlock Locked  Nvidia Account

This are the various ways you can use to quickly fix Nvidia Users accounts is locked issue, which is mainly caused because of multiple logins, especially when you have up to 10 or more failed logins. If this happens, you will get the error 403 or any other error, and your Nvidia account would be locked.

The first thing you need to of course is to check whether your internet connection is working, in other to do that, try to browse just open the browser of your device and visit any site if it works fine, if it doesn’t work, review your internet connection.

How to fix Nvidia account locked issue (user Users account is locked.)

Now follow these steps.

1. Clear browser cache/cookies and  Remove Saved passwords.

You can skip numbering two if you have done this.

Some times browsers temporarily cache data in the form of cookies; this may confuse the Nvidia account management system or any account management system for that matter. What you can do is to clear those temporary data that is cached and wipe your saved password. To do it depends on your browser. For popular browsers like Mozilla and Chrome.

Clear Nvidia account cache/cookies on Mozilla

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and locate the “options” feature, under the three horizontal lines, located at the top right panel.
locate the "options" feature
locate the “options” feature
  • On the next window, click “privacy and security” just before sync.


  • Click Network and Click Clear Now this is under Cached Web Content. Then close option.
  • In the newer version of Mozilla is located under cookies and site data. Clear the data under Cookies and site data.
Clear the data under Cookies and site data
Clear the data under Cookies and site data

For Cookies ( on newer Firefox browsers)

  • Click the same three horizontal lines at the top right-hand side.


  • Click privacy and security
  • Manage cookies and site data under cookies and site data.


Clear the data under Cookies and site data
Clear the data under Cookies and site data
  • Locate the Nvidia account and click remove selected.
To clear Nvidia account password on Mozilla firefox
  • Click the same three horizontal lines.


  • Click Privacy & Security. It should be under privacy
lick Privacy & Security. It should be under privacy
click Privacy & Security. It should be under the privacy
  • Under logins and passwords, click on saved logins.
click Privacy & Security. It should be under privacy
Click Privacy & Security. It should be under the privacy
  • Select the appropriate Nvidia account and click remove not remove all.

Clear Nvidia account cache on Chrome.

  • Click the options menu, select settings
Chrome settings option
select settings
  • Type the word cache” in the search bar.
  • Then click Clear browsing data.
  • Now select the checkbox.
  • Clicking the Clear browsing data option…
  • Click Clear browsing data.

To clear Nvidia account passwords on chrome.

  • Open up Chrome and use the button on the far right of the browser.


  • Click the settings menu
  • Next, click the Show advanced settings. The password and forms section will appear. Then click on the Manage passwords link.
Chrome Manage passwords option
Manage passwords option
  • Select the Nvidia account and delete after confirmation.
Chrome Nvidia account passwords removals
Delete passwords on chrome

2.  Reset account password.  To unlock a locked Nvidia account

This is done directly.   On the Nvidia website.

Change language on Nvidia account
Change language on Nvidia account
  • Then click on the  “need help login   option “
  • You’ll see various options like
  • I forgot my password
  • I can’t log in with my Google account
  • The password reset link is not working
  • I do not have an NVIDIA account
  • And frequently asked questions.
Reset Nvidia account options
reset Nvidia account options


What we need to pay attention to the two options here
I forgot my password
The password reset link is not working
  • Select the first option  ” I.  Forget my password”  click reset password option.
  • Then.  Enter your email address and click submit.
Fogot Nvidia account password
Forgot Nvidia account password
  • You will get a success message
Enter Nvidia account email to reset password
Enter Nvidia account email to reset password
  • Login into your email account and follow the link to reset passwords.


Or use the second option, if the password reset link is not working.
If all. Options fail, use this last option

3. Contact Nvidia support

Use this link. Contact Nvidia live chat support.

They are available on weekdays Monday to Friday.


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