How To Legally Unlock Websites That Are Blocked

This is how to easily and legally unlock a blocked website, it works 100 percent in whatever country you are in. You can now access your favorite websites anywhere in the world.
How To Legally Unlock Websites That Are Blocked

There so many reasons websites are blocked, in some countries, citizens are not even allowed to access popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, even YouTube. In China, for instance, has their own social network.

In North Korea citizens are not allowed to view some sites like Facebook, YouTube, or even Twitter. 

This is so with other countries too, even down to the US where some sites cant be accessed, either because of government restrictions, school or office restrictions.

Some organizations may decide to limit or lock their worker’s access thereby blocking them from accessing some websites. 

It is bad since freedom is part of the long list of our fundamental human right that people seem to have forgotten, freedom in this context to visit any website you want to visit. So technically if you do whatever you have to do to unlock these blocked sites it should be legal at least for you.

To accomplish that you need either a software or an app depending on the device you’re using. 

You’ll also need strong fast website unblocker which makes use of VPN, not just a VPN but a VPN dedicated to unlocking websites. If you are not familiar with VPN, it allows you to visit any websites you want by changing your IP address or country.

This VPN  must be able to offer you security by securing your internet traffic, too, so that your Internet traffic data won’t be hacked, read, or stolen by your ISP or any other agencies.

This is where a service like ExpressVPN comes in. They are one of the top site unlockers.

Here are some sites you can unlock with this unblocker

Amazon prime
BBC iPlayer
Netflix and many others.

3 easy steps to unblock blocked sites 

i. Sign up with Expresvpn

ii. Choose an app and download, they are available on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, router etc.

How To Legally Unlock Websites That Are Blocked

iii. Connect with the app, selecting from their list of different servers and start browsing. 

If you’re confused, the server in this context is nothing other than countries you’ll be browsing from.


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