Top Free Streaming Sites To Watch NFL Games Online

There is nothing bad in having options, especially when it comes to streaming live NFL games or matches on the Internet. 

Depending on major players like ESPN, Fox or Skysport may get you disappointed especially if you want to watch the NFL playoff games on PC, tablet and set-top boxes outside America or even in US.
Top Streaming Site To Watch NFL Games Online Free
So if you’re around the world, places like Europe, Asia, and even Africa, you can still watch this NFL matches via streaming. Even places like Australia are catching up.

Here are the websites that offer this content free. They stream NFL games for free alright, but it comes with its own drawback, being a free stream. 

The quality is not expected to be top notch, also some websites on this list have some pretty annoying popups, not to mention the constant breaking off of the stream along the way, but below are some pretty stable and not so stable free streams. 
Before visiting any of these sites, I  recommend you have a popup blocker. 

If you have Google

Chrome installed, I recommend using Popup Blocker Pro. Search for it in the chrome store, or Google it.

The sites are





The quality of the above streams will vary so you may want to test it outbefore you settle for one. Each stream has a different quality and rating as voted on by active viewers to help you decide.

You can also do that on via Twitter, this is probably the best way to watch this NFl games, as you will get the notification when any game starts streaming. to do this especially on Thursday Night Football.

 Here’s how to turn on live notifications:

1. Using your iOS or Android device, visit @NFL or the official Twitter page of your favorite team and tap “Follow”

2. Tap the notification button  next to “Following”

3. When Account notifications pops up, select “Only Tweets with live video”

4. Anytime the NFL or your team goes live, you’ll get a notification

Alternatively You can Watch NFL Games and matches online in high definition for free! 
For viewing in HD see this top site for that.

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  1. I don't know how to watch free but for few $ you can watch it on ScreenVariety Tv . There you can watch that game without any blackouts or some other popups

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