Simple Way To Fix Flash Light That Is Not Working On Android

If your phone’s flashlight refuses to turn on, this post is for you, because at the end of it you’ll learn how to make it work,not just to work temporarily, you will actually fix your device’s flashlight, hopefully once and for all.
Simple Way To Fix Flash Light That Is Not Working On Android
So below are steps you are to follow closely for your flash app or phone torch to work again.
– In some apps or phones you have to turn LED on by checking or marking it. Look for Settings in your flashlight app, then find LED settings and tick LED.
– Make sure you don’t use many flashlight Android apps at the same time. Better still uninstall others and leave one. This is to avoid app conflict, because your phone may go haywire if you have many. This result in faulty flashlight.
– Update your Android phone, or look for an app which supports your Android version.
This is so because, some flashlight apps may not work on older Android versions. When installing a new flashlight app, check to see the supported Android version.
– Restart your phone, if the battery is removable. Take out the battery, wait 30secs and put it back, then on.
At this point it should work, if it doesn’t work. Do a hard reset by factory resetting it, remember to back up, to avoid loss of important data. If is still doesn’t work 
– check the camera flash, test it and see whether it is ok, if it is fine, find a torch app that make use of the camera flash as the main means of giving off light. E.g Torch light by mobile SITech apps
– If the camera flash is not good download an app that make use of your phone’s screen. E.g Flaslight -LED Torch light by Asus computer 

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