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How To Fix iMessage That Won’t Activate On iOS Devices

There are different ways and methods to solve this, so you have to try anyone that is easier for you, although all are easy. When activating iMessage or FaceTime, you might see one of these messages: Waiting

How To Easily Force Format SD Card

If you have an SD card that doesn’t want to be formatted don’t throw it away just yet, wait till you try some methods to fix it. The SD is a type or brand of memory card,

How To Change Name On Facebook App For iOS And Android

Here is how to easily change your Facebook name right from the official Facebook application. You don’t need your browser to do this, all you need is the FB app, which you probably have installed. For Android

How To Fix Facetime Not Connecting Error

If your Facetime app is not connecting, always having an error when you try to connect it. Here are what you need to do, since it had to do with connection issue, you need to first rule

How To Fix Facetime Video Not Working

If Facetime video is not working on your device here are things you need to do to fix this issue, 1. Check your connection – Facetime depends on either WiFi connection or cellular connection for it to

How To Access Full Websites On iPhone iOS

We let our browser lie in other to view any website fully, how so? To see full websites on a mobile device, especially on an iPhone you need to take some few simple steps. Is nothing much,

What Makes A Phone A Smartphone Things You Must Know Before Buying A Phone

If you’re giving a job of picking out counterfeit money how would you go about it? By memorizing every kind of counterfeit? No. Your time would be better spent if you studied real money. After you know