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3 Free Ways To Unlock icloud on iPhone 4 And iPhone 5

Every one love having options, three options to unlock your smartphone free is a lot of options. Now you can easily unlock your iPhone 6, 5, 5s, 5c and iPhone 4 or even bypass iCloud activation code,

How To Download Music From Youtube To Your iPhone

Here is a simple way to save music from Youtube on your iPhone, without running into trouble. There just two methods to do this, we either do this with an application or we use converters that are

How To Change Your Name On Facebook on iPhone

Changing your name on Facebook is quite simple, especially on your iOS device, your iPhone to be specific. All you have to do is follow the below steps. We are making use of your device native browser

4 Working Steps To Fix Flashlight Not Working On iPhone

Your flashlight is not working on your iPhone because of some certain things you’re doing and the things you’re not doing, not necessarily that your phone is bad. So there goes this question why is My Flashlight

How To View Google Desktop Version On iPhone And iPad

Here is a simple method to view Desktop version of website on your iPhone. It doesn’t need much, you only need one of the best mobile browsers in the world, which you probably have if you have

How To Capture Weather Screen Shot On iPhone And Ipad

Unlike Windows or Mac that is no official application or software for taking weather screenshot on iPhone, this is because this feature is built right into it.The interface on the iPad or iPhone is more like Android

How To Find Hidden Pictures On iPhone On Auto

Hidden or private picture on your smartphone is done on a particular side in your phone memory, others make use of apps including Android, Windows and to some extent iOS phones. where the iPhone and iPad falls

How To Access Full Websites On iPhone iOS

We let our browser lie in other to view any website fully, how so? To see full websites on a mobile device, especially on an iPhone you need to take some few simple steps. Is nothing much,

How To Use Whatsapp On iPhone For Free

It is now possible to use Whatsapp on iPhone free, without having to pay money, it is not that it is not good to pay that small amount of money to Whatsapp. It is good to do that

Simple Way To Cut Your Sim Card Down To Three Sizes

There are four different sizes of Sim cards, of this four three sizes which are Mini, Micro and Nano are the most popular, the fourth being the standard sim card which is about the size of a