How To Find Hidden Pictures On iPhone On Auto

Hidden or private picture on your smartphone is done on a particular side in your phone memory, others make use of apps including Android, Windows and to some extent iOS phones. where the iPhone and iPad falls into.

If you’ve mistakenly hidden your pictures, videos and any other media file on your iPhone then follow this steps to unhide first before anything else.

– Change your screen to landscape mode

– Find the little arrow drop down in the top-left corner.

– Select the drop down and then select
} Hidden Photos.” You should now be able to unhide them.

– Once you are done, you can change
back to “All Photos.”

If you’re using an iPhone running on later versions such as the iOS 8, you can find your hidden pictures in Albums.

If you are an iOS 8 device, when you hide your pictures it will no longer be
visible in Camera Roll, Moments, Collections and Years.

But then you can easily access your hidden images or photos on this version of the iPhone

To view hidden photos and and by extension hidden videos on your iPhone running on iOS 8, do the following

– Launch ‘Photos’ app on your
iOS device and tap on ‘Albums’.

– Tap on } hidden folder and select any photo that you want to view.

This is how you will find hidden picture s on iPhone especially those that run on iOS 8 and later.


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