Steps To Unblock Someone On Tumblr

Steps To Unblock Someone On Tumblr 2015You might have blocked someone from seeing or following your Tumblr blog, it is either you did that mistakenly or you intentionally did it. Chances are you want to unblock that person, hence you reading this.

Don’t worry this is quiet easy, easier than blocking someone. You just have to follow this simple steps to ensure a complete total unblocking of people that you’ve blocked.

This steps are updated, that is it is valid in 2015 even till 2016 provided that every major thing remains constant.

You first have to log in to Tumblr then navigate to your Dashboard and click the “Gear” icon to visit the Settings page. 

The Account tab should be selected by default.

2. Next Click the “Ignored Users” button on the Account page to see a list of all blocked users.

3. Click the Stop Ignoring button next to the person you want to unblock. The person is unblocked immediately and can then visit and follow your blog.

Helpful things

Use the “Spam” or “Harassment” links  under the name of the blocked person to  report him to Tumblr.

Note that You cannot visit or follow blogs of  blocked people.

That is all, nothing much in it, it is as simple as your normal A, B, C. Here is hoping that you’ve successfully unblocked some one on Tumblr using this latest procedure. 

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