How To Delete Snapchat History on iPhone

Recently Snapchat updated their app, it is definitely an improvement to their previous versions. But still people finds it difficult in deleting or clearing their Snap history.

How To Delete Snapchat History on iPhone

One because of the make up of the app, snapchat is built as a messenger, which means it is much like Whatsapp than Twitter.

So users can use it to communicate with each other, sending text, photos and media files to fellow users, here is the catch, unlike other social networking messengers like Whatsapp Snapchat is not mean’t to last, especially media files like Photos are meant to disappear after some time, hence it does not last, this is one the main reason people use this app.

 Still Snaper’s history and chat conversation are still there, hence we need to know how to wipe them off. So we will learn how to delete or clear this Snapchat history from your iPhone.

First of all here is the easy part

Deleting Snapchat chat history on iPhone 

  • Open settings and scroll down you’ll find a clear conversation option 
  • Then select the contact and delete the conversation. 

2. If you want to clear your conversation history on iphone 

  • You need to swipe up and tap the gear icon first, 
  • Then tap “Clear Conversations” from the Account Actions menu: 
  • And then tap “Clear All”. And you’re done. 

That should do it. But if for some reason you’re not satisfied, you can use a third party app that promises to delete all your Snapchat history without touching your contact. It is called Snap history eraser by apptermite. Here is basically what it seemingly does “Snap History Eraser will attempt to delete the sent snap or message from your account and the receiver’s account.” With this method I believe you’ll be able to delete your Snapcht history from your iPhone.

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