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Whatsapp Peperonity Badoo 2go Eskimi and Nimbuzz must Know

Many of us know and use this three social networking platforms i.e Eskimi, Whatsapp, 2go and Badoo, yet some of us don’t really about it when I mean know I mean knowing it inside out. Now let’s

How To Fix Unfortunately WhatsApp No Longer Supports This Phone

In some phones WhatsApp has stopped working this means you can longer make use of your WhatsApp, you can’t even download any it any more, because WhatsApp has stopped some phones,  Phones like BlackBerry products. This is

How To Read Whatsapp Messages Without Phone

If you are having relationship issues, and you hope to solve it by reading the person’s Whatsapp messages, I suggest you prepare yourself for what you may see, what you may see may make you despair or

How To Copy And Paste WhatsApp Status No App Required

This will help you when you need to copy any WhatsApp status that catch your fancy. True you can write that up manually, but there are other status you can’t write out on your own,  statuses with

How To Delete Chat Permanently In WhatsApp

There are two methods to do this, one is simpler the other is also simple if you’re familiar with your phone make up. The first thing to do if you’re using Android phone To go to Mobile

How To Delete Video From Whatsapp Group Chat

Deleting video from Whatsapp group chat is actually same as deleting messages in group chat, except in this case you will need to delete Video instead of message. This are the simple things you have to do 

How To Delete WhatsApp Messages Permanently From Server

WhatsApp stores your messages and chat on it server for 30 days after which it automatically deletes itself. So on the long run you don’t have to worry about all your messages. But if you want to

How To Read Someones WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing

Here is how to read your WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing. It is very easy, simple and highly effective. It may sound ridiculous, but don’t underestimate it. WhatsApp has pointers that shows the different state of

How To Use Whatsapp On iPhone For Free

It is now possible to use Whatsapp on iPhone free, without having to pay money, it is not that it is not good to pay that small amount of money to Whatsapp. It is good to do that

Simple Way To Make Whatsapp Free Forever on All Smartphones

This is really easy and it won’t be considered cheating because the process is just plain simple and fully supported by WhatsApp. Legally clean and guaranteed to work. But if you have the money please pay, we