How To Read Whatsapp Messages Without Phone

How To Read someone's Whatsapp Messages Without Phone
If you are having relationship issues, and you hope to solve it by reading the person’s Whatsapp messages, I suggest you prepare yourself for what you may see, what you may see may make you despair or worse land you to hospital.
Because of what you might find there. It is not for the faint hearted, if you have anxiety issues I suggest you stop here.
If you still what to continue, here is what you need to do. You’ll need
*. Your PC
*. USB cable and
*. The phone (don’t worry its temporary, won’t take long)
Get your friend’s phone for few minutes
Connect it with your laptop via USB then
Go to folder > whatsapp > databases
You will find two files named: msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt
Copy this file and rename it with
“msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt” to “msgstore.db.crypt”.
If the file extension is different like  “.crypt5” then rename the prefix but do not change the extension.
Install the whatsapp application it will ask for restore.
Chose restore from backup. That’s cool!  You’ll have all you friends conversation on your own phone.

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