Whatsapp Peperonity Badoo 2go Eskimi and Nimbuzz must Know

Many of us know and use this three social networking platforms i.e Eskimi, Whatsapp, 2go and Badoo, yet some of us don’t really about it when I mean know I mean knowing it inside out. Now let’s get to know them really better

About Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a social networking, instant chat app, that runs on various devices like some Java phones and all Symbian, Android and other higher Os. In other to use it you’ve to download the application from their website, this app comes with 1 year 12months free period after which you then have to subscribe with a little amount of about $0.99. Whatsapp has enjoyed remarkable success over the short period it has been in existence, it now has many users. Its flexibility and ease of use are many of its highlights, the ability to chat with many friends (both in-app and out-app provided internet connection is available) without using your regular airtime effectively edges regular short text messaging SMS out.

How To download Whatsapp

Downloading Whatsapp to your device is really simple just visit www.whatsapp.com select your device and click download that all.
However sometimes you may encounter problems, when downloading this app, there are common problems involved in downloading Whatsapp like what to do when the Whatsapp application refuses to download in my phone? Is either your device is not listed or not supported, if that is so try using this method

About 2go interactive

2go is a popular app, more known among young guys in Africa and Asia, perhaps a tad more popular than Whatsapp in those place. Again you need to download and install 2go app in your phone or Laptop to use it. It is much similar with Whatsapp except that its services are totally free well almost free as you’re required to buy go credit in other to chat on rooms, also while Whatsapp has its focus on mainly being an alternative to SMS as such its services is tailored that way with no fanciful plug ins and gateways like 2go. On the other hand 2go has some great gateways like Facebook, Google plus, Mxit etc, with this you can chat with your friends that’s on this supported gateways.

How to download 2go

Go to www.2go.co.im select your device and download (last I checked 2go is available to all devices that has at minimum Java Os,). Unlike Whatsapp 2go has no real problem it downloads instantly, where you might have problem is changing 2go profile information and number, as their website don’t really have information on that.

About Eskimi

Eskimi is an online social network platform where a user can come and register an account, and start making friends all over the world. If you’re familiar with Facebook then you’ll know how this network works.

How to register for an Eskimi account

To sign up on Eskimi you need to go to their website, click sign up or register fill up your information, information such as your name, username, date of birth, location etc. (Whats app, 2go and the rest ask of this also) are required.

About Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz chat is also similar with Whatsapp and 2go in the sense that it’s a chat app, and works pretty much like 2go.

How to download Nimbuzz chat app

You can either visit their site or visit any major mobile software download site, like Getjar.com or even Opera store for mobile phone users, register then download and start chatting.

About Badoo chat app

Badoo shares some resemblance with the others, but it comes with it own agenda Badoo as an interactive social network is designed to help people meet new people, it allows you to talk and flirt with friends from your town, or around the globe.

How to register and download Badoo

Visit their website on your browser to download, but before you download you’ll have to register, don’t worry just provide the details they require and make sure your email address is working.

About Peperonity

Peperonity is a community of people who want to have fun, there you can create your own area complete with blogs, pages etc which you could either set to public or private.

How to register Peperonity account

Just log on to their website click sign up and provide your details nex sign-up, confirm your email address. And you’re then good to go. Have fun.
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