Top 5 Free Apps Like Tinder For Making Friends

Here are top applications which are lije Tinder you can use to make friends.

You can meet people from any contry, and different genders whether girl, man or woman, male or female, whoever and whatever you are we all need company. it is said no one is an Island, so we need friends, whether casual or for a serious relationship, no wonder platforms like Facebook and Tinder has millions if not billions of human members. 

Tinder is good, but then Tinder has its drawbacks, some of the downsides of the app are annoying.

Is even frustrating as some countries are not supported, so if you travel from let’s say US to a country that is not supported by Tinder, then you are on your own.
Another annoying thing about this platform is the Facebook login issue, you can not make use of Tinder without Facebook. But all in all, Tinder is still worth it.
So here are applications similar to Tinder in the sense that it has two or all key features Tinder has.

1. Skout

Top Apps Like Tinder For Hookups


This app uses your Facebook connection to find friends you may be interested in nearby, is also great for making friends, see who has been looking over their profile, browse local ladies or men, there are some amazing premium features which you can unlock.

The app is available for Android and iOS platform.
Download for Android HERE
Download for iOS HERE

2. Down

 Top Apps Like Tinder For Hookups

If you are down and looking for love, try this app you may find love again.
The down app anonymously expresses an interest in hooking up with your Facebook friends. If they reciprocate, you’ll be notified and they can plan a meet-up. If not, they’ll never even know you admired them. 
Think of this app as another Tinder, with a unique twist.
Download for Android HERE 
Download for iPhone HERE
3. Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)
 Top Apps Like Tinder For Hookups
This app has a unique way of ‘hooking people’ up, unlike other apps, CMB Each day at noon, the application brings up a potential match. You then have 24 hours to indicate your interest and make plans to meet up.
If you miss that window then you have to wait for another day and another noon. And like every other dating app like Tinder it uses Facebook connection to make the whole dating possible.
The downside of this app is white, Jewish or Asian members form a large of the community only a handful are from other demographic.
Again the app is only available for iPhone for now.
Download for iPhone HERE

4. Okcupid

Top Apps Like Tinder For Hookups


Chances are you have heard about this app before, this application is probably one of the best Tinder alternatives out there currently.
OkCupid uses a question and answer approach in other to identify your specs, that is the type of person male or your female you will like to meet.
This app has a strong membership base that runs into millions, so you probably won’t be bored when it comes to selecting a potential dating partner. 
Download for Android HERE
Download for iPhone HERE

5. Instamessage 

This works completely like Tinder with a simple twist to it, once downloaded it will request for location permission, then you will get matches and recommendations based on your profile and preferences. It shows the ones closer to your location which is either in miles or km.

It is you can meet new people in this app as almost everyone you find here is looking for the same thing, male or female boys or girls.

Download for Android  HERE

Download for iPhone HERE


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