Tested High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting List 2018/2019 Edition

There have been lots of dofollow list that people recommend, but how many of those has been tasted? I mean how many of them have they used personally, how many of those commenting websites have given them what they want, traffic and improvement in SEO especially in pagerank.

The truth is few have admitted this, those who did are reluctant to make it public. Not to critize, but majority of bloggers hasn’t really tasted those PR blogs links they put up on their blogs.
Now how will you know the best PR blogs to comment on if you haven’t seen a testimony about them. Time is one thing bloggers don’t have in abundance, spending lots of time doing trial and error is wasting money, remember you need to update your blog and drive traffic which equals money, spending lots of time trying to figure out the best website or list of good blogs to comment on will put you and your blog on the backfoot, at the end you might even end up spending your time on the wrong ones.

I’m actually going to give you the list of the sites I comment on to gain both traffic and Pagerank free, I’ve taken time to teste this sites myself from the list of many dofollow directories and blogs, this was done to sieve it and throw out the chaff while bringing the real thing out. This tested blog commenting sites with high pagerank are for this year 2014 carrying over to 2015 as I still believe they will still be relevant come 2015.

Learn how to use this sites

Nothing goes for nothing, to keep the balance of life a thing has to be shed, and in this case you need to do something for me in return, don’t worry before your heart skip, I don’t need money nor do I need anything you can’t give. I simply need you to learn how to use this sites without abusing them, without spamming them. Remember I’m using them too and if because of your reckless activities they get pulled down or get penalized by Google then I’ve lost of a valuable source SEO juice, traffic and revenue. You now see why most bloggers are reluctant to give this information out? Take this sites as you take Twitter and Facebook, don’t do what you won’t do on your wall on let’s say Facebook.

 There are a number of things that helped me including  through this article Basic SEO for Blogger blogs and blog commenting

Here is my list





PR3 – PR1


Tip If you can start from the PR 3 blogs and walk your way upwards it’ll be good, as this helps make your link building natural and devoid of spamming.
* Can be used on wordpress, Blogger and Tumblr platforms with or without comment luv.

Over to you what do you think? Has it worked for you? Do you have a question you want answered, the comment box is yours, feel free to share this.

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