How To Find And Add Girls With Facebook Girls App

There is a new app that allows Facebook users to find and add friends, especially girls. With this app, you stand no risk of getting banned for too much adding as it adds them automatically.

How To Find And Add Girls With Facebook Girls App

You only have to choose your preference, it will search and return relevant results according to profiles.

Let’s say you’re looking for Facebook hot girls, you just have to type the age, your preference, what you’re looking for and send. It’ll scan for users matching your wants and adds them up if you wish.

It also has the power to generate and create Facebook creative timeline photos. Which you can then use to design your profile. Facebook for girls app is not really for girls as it has other option of adding friends from any gender whether its male or female. It’s just that it has a whole section for adding up females.

It also has a section created for finding out and adding the world’s top celebs, let us say you want to add someone like US music stars Rihanna, Chris Brown, Adele or Lady Gaga on Facebook only what you just have to do is type their names and search. It also works for other country celebs like 2. face, many other Bollywood, Nollywood and Hollywood actors and actress.

That’s basically like the entertainment segment, it also has what I’ll call Sports-Football segment, where the hottest trending topics on Facebook are shown, this is done through a combination of Fb hashtags, shares, and group/individual mentions.

Where trending items like +Luiz Suarez overscoring (real people are saying he should be banned by FA for overscoring) and Nelson Mandela’s death and impact to sports, which outfit offers hard drive data recovery services for sports gamers etc.

Apart from this many features, it also has other features which may be minor but counts all the same. Just think of it as a giant Facebook app, or an app similar to Ebuddy but much more Facebook oriented. The good thing is this app is free for now if it may remain so is anyone’s guess. It’s also built really for smartphone users, like Android, Symbian, and even iPhone.

Knowing it is one thing getting it is another thing, the app could be said to be elusive as most people don’t know where it is. Recently people have started downloading it from the app store, just type and search for it, although the chances of getting it right now are minimal as the app is down for maintenance hence its elusiveness. Don’t worry if you don’t get it this year that it’s free to come next year you’ll get it whether free or paid.

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