How To Fix Unfortunately WhatsApp No Longer Supports This Phone

In some phones WhatsApp has stopped working this means you can longer make use of your WhatsApp, you can’t even download any it any more, because WhatsApp has stopped some phones,  Phones like BlackBerry products.
This is why when one opens the app, the person will see the Unfortunately WhatsApp no longer supports this Phone error. It Is quite frustrating.
But thankfully there is a walk around to this problem, if you got a BlackBerry device that is having WhatsApp problem, either in downloading,  installing or opening the App, this may just be your solution. Instead of throwing it out the Window, or replacing it with a another phone, perhaps an Android or iPhone which will cost you more, why don’t you try this method?
1. Make sure you are on your Blackberry browser,  open it.
2. Input, send it will send you the beta version of WhatsApp, download and install.
As simple as this you need to mindful of some things. Things like
– Removing any Whatsapp you have. 
– Making sure you use BlackBerry native browser.

You can whatsapp older version for blackberry Here

Enjoy your app.

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