How To Use Whatsapp On iPhone For Free

How To Use Whatsapp On iPhone For Free

It is now possible to use Whatsapp on iPhone free, without having to pay money, it is not that it is not good to pay that small amount of money to Whatsapp. 

It is good to do that if you have it, as Whatsapp is a very useful application and we should support it any way we can. 

But perhaps there might not be enough cash to take of care of this and then go around to pay for Whatsapp on your iPhone. It might not be a big money but it certainly is when you’re broke. And being broke without any form of entertainment and communicating with loved ones can frustrate and even kill.

Well this tut will help you fix your whats app once and for all here is how to it. There two ways to make your Whats app messenger free for iPhone

One of the ways involve deleting your expired Whats App account, the bot that take care of this will think that you’re completely gone from their system.

– To Delete your WhatsApp account goto WhatsApp and navigate to Settings – Account – Delete My Account

– Enter your phone number in the blank space and Tap on Delete my account button and confirm it.
You have just deleted your account.

– Now create your new account for Whatsapp messenger as you’ve done before.

– Next check the last expiry date of new whatsapp free trial by going to WhatsApp Settings } Account } Payment Info. You’ll see that your WhatsApp free trial have been extended.

The second way is simple do the following

– Completely uninstall Whatsapp messenger from your smartphone.

– Re install it again from your appropriate app store. that is iTunes for your iPhone

– Create your account, you’ll get an extended time.

That is all all for now.

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