Simple Way To Cut Your Sim Card Down To Three Sizes

There are four different sizes of Sim cards, of this four three sizes which are Mini, Micro and Nano are the most popular, the fourth being the standard sim card which is about the size of a credit card.
The fourth one is no longer used, as it’s not supported on mobile devices, so I’ll be limiting this tutorial to the three Sim card sizes we are familiar with.

Understanding Sim Card sizes

*. Standard Sims Usually the size of a credit card, no longer used. Maybe now a collectors item lol

*. Mini Sims This is what is now known as the Standard card for mobile devices, commonly used in many smartphones especially the cheap low end mobile smartphones like Gionee, Tecno, infinix and many others which are usually made in China for African market.

*. Micro Sims This are much smaller, now threatening to replace the min sim cards.

*. Nano Sims Very small and tiny, in fact the smallest of the lot. Can be seen on Apple and iPhone for now.

Simple Way To Cut Your Sim Card Down To Three Sizes

Cutting up my Sim card from Mini to Micro and Nano

1. Get a Sim card (people cut mostly from Mini to Micro and Nano. Also get a good Sim cutter, I recommend  QQ-Tech  as you’ll get a metal tray, 2 sand paper and 2 Sim adapters in case you need to convert your Sim back to what it was before, you know undo what you’ve done. Or you can use scissors.

2. A top UK mobile network made a template for this which is top notch, it’s simplicity can make a dummy a pro in Sim cutting, here is the guide.

3. Use the cutter to mark and cut, or use a pencil to mark and a scissors to cut. Be careful take care not to cut the metal gold colored side on the Sim, this is the chip that holds your contacts and other information, any damage to that side automatically renders your Sim card useless.

Summary / important points to remember

Smartphones like the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and others use different Sim card sizes.

You’ll need sim cutter for easier cutting, however a scissors and a marker or pencil can do it albeit the hard way.

Read the template very well and follow it carefully.
Make sure the sim memory which is usually in the center is intact DO NOT DAMAGE, only focus on the plastic side.

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