Official MTN Nigeria Data Bundle Plan For All Device

Here are the whole data plan for MTN Nigeria, one of the top network provider in Africa, and the foremost in Nigeria. Along with the activation codes.

This data which is a combination of different mobile data denominations like mb (megabyte) and gb(gigabyte) is used for browsing that is surfing the internet. It can be used on various mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and computers, including devices running on Java, Android, iOS, Apple and Symbian platforms.

10MB 24Hrs 100 *104#
25MB 24Hrs N150 *112#
50MB 24Hrs N200 *113#
150MB 7Days N500 *103#
100MB 30Days N1000 260MB *106#
250MB 30 Days N1300
325MB *109#
500MB 30 Days N2000
750MB *110#
1GB 30 Days N3500 1.5GB *111#

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