There is this file you saw on the internet you want to read it, before then you’ve to download it, you did that only to discover it can’t open on your simple Java phone because it’s in pdf format! What can you do? You really need that file to open fast but then then what can you do? You only have your mobile phone not a computer to top it off your phone is a Java phone or even Symbian with limited reader.
Cheer up! You can now read your pdf files instantly on your browser application. This pdf application for all mobile not just Java and Symbian phones is really what you need, hy even Nokia Asha, E7, Teno, Samsung feature phones can do it. One more thing this app supports even Android devices, the good news is that youcandownload this phone pdf reader application free no cost, that is if you don’t already have it. Again this app is not all about openning pdf files it can do many other amazing things like surfing the web, bookmarking a website, copy and paste functions to clipboard (notepad) etc, think of it as a super operamini mobile browser and you’ll not be far from the truth. So what is the name of this app and how can I use it to open pdf files? Good question to answer it we have to introduce

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UC webbrowser

UCWeb browser does that ring a bell? If yes are you suprised that this could do such a thing? Don’t be this is the power of tutorial ability to find out amazing things and tweek it to solve your needs. You are not familiar with Ucweb browser on mobile, then you really need to upgrade your knowledge, so let start from the basics shall we?

What is UC web browser?

UC web browser is a mobile application that is used to browse the internet as its primary function, but UC has other secondary functions like clipboard used for copy & paste, ability to bookmark your favourite blogs, even using UC web browser to watching Youtube videos with mobile. If you don’t have UC Web already installed on your mobile phone visit select your phone model and download latest version that is version 9 then install to install just click to open the rest is automatic provided you have data or network connection, after installation use to visit this blog again.
Welcome back! I take it that you’re now on UCBrowser, over to our tutorial proper

How to read Pdf with any Mobile device

First download UCweb if you don’t have one
2. Visit any website that you can download pdf files.
3. Locate that file and click download, Ucweb will now bring up its interface where you’ll show i. Preview, ii. Save, iii. Cloud download
4. Select preview and it will open.
Thats all its simply right? If you have any problem or suggestion you like to make please feel free to leave your comments below. And don’t forget share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc.

By Chimatim

Mr Tim an author in, he writes for various digital and prints media platforms.

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