List Of Top DoFollow Tested  Web Directories With High PR For blogs

So you have a blog or website, but you don’t yet have the exposure and in thus readers? To gain that exposure you read somewhere that you need to submit your blog to directories and gain the many benefits known to come out it. Well you read right, and here you are searching for good free blog directories with high pagerank,
so you found it! Congrats read on to know why you’re here. Wait you’re not familiar with Pagerank and blog Directories? If you’re not don’t worry some of us aren’t, but wait maybe you’re the only one in America that has never heard about Obama!, however lets briefly talk about the two words.

What are blog directories?

This are website created for the promotion of blogs to gain visitors (traffic) and exposure, there a blog owner will go and add his blog to be listed among other blogs, this is not only exposes that blog to new audiences it also increases that blog’s backlinks and SEO. So in a nutshell a directory is one whole big collection of many blog links, think of it as a bunch of banana where those individual bananas make up a bunch without them there won’t be the bunch in the first place, so without your blog there won’t be this directories.

What is Pagerank PR

Pagerank is actually a number given to a blog, by a search engine Google to be precise, its not just any number though as this sites are given special treatment on search engines, the numbers are from 0 to 10 where 1 to 10 really matter 10 is the highest. So how does this help you? If you get their backlinks (links pointing to your blog) you’ll get many of their benefits as you’ll enjoy better visibility on search engines, and a potential of your site getting higher pagerank. So really what can be gained from submitting your blog to this high PR directories?

Advantages of Directory Submission

There are so many benefits of submitting your blog to this high PR directories, many of them yet some of them are unknown because lets get it am not a search engine. See the ones that matter below.
i. Backlings this are links from that directory pointing to your blog
ii. SE0, increases your blog’s search engine optimization effort which automatically translates to more SERP.
iii. Traffic If your blog is really good you might just make it to the top page of most of this directories, then sit back and watch as your traffic skyrockets! Oops I’ve just forgotten Dofollow! Well

What are Dofollow Backlinks

Put simply they are the links that shares all this benefits of backlinks, above. This means if you get a backlink from dofollow directory their benefits or advantages will be split 50 50 with your blog. Thats as simply as you’ll get of this definition without getting technical and confused.
Alright we’ve just seen the reasons why you should consider directory as you work towards increasing your blog’s traffic and backlinks. Now over to the list proper.

High PR Directory List

Directories with Google pagerank of 7


PR 6 and 5


By Chimatim

Mr Tim an author in, he writes for various digital and prints media platforms.

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