How to Fix your Java Phone to work like a Symbian/Android phone

fix your phone to work like a symbian/android phone
This is one of the most handy tutorials for java phone users. When you see a symbian phone do you envy it because it can be minimized? Envy no more with this tutorial you’ll lean how to make your java phones work like a symbian phone, by having that minimization function.
I used this trick to make my Java phone start minimizing like Symbain and Android smartphones.

What you need

phoenix service suite which can be downloaded here to your PC

9 Steps To Fix your Java Phone like Symbian/Android Phone

Step 1: Input *#0000# on your phone
Step 2: After dialing, you’ll see something like this RM_614 or RM_615 or any number
Step 3: Google search for Rm_614 or any number you obtained from your phone, include .ppu toit, when conducting your search, for example
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“Rm_614.ppu” then download it to your laptop
Step 4: After download connect your phone to your laptop using a USB cable
Step 5: After you have connected your phone to your PC or laptop choose ovi suite mode
Step 6: Open phoenix software service suite and run it on your laptop then click on scan product
Step 7: After you’ve clicked scan, look by the side and select product profile
Step 8: After you’ve selected it locate your Rm_614.ppu depending on what you downloaded and select it and you will see a list appear, just tick them all and where you see 0 change it to 1
Step 9: After you are done with that click on enable tck and flash and your phone will restart and pop a warning message saying ” WARNING TCK FLAG SET” don’t be alarmed is normal, after that pop up, restart your phone and you are done.
congrats! You’ve just outsmart the bookies by converting a simple Java phone into and an Android, Symbian phone
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Note: Specifically tested on a Nokia phone. When using other phone if you encounter any problem let me know through comments.

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