How To Create Java Apps With Android

How To Create Java Apps With Android

Previously you can only create Java application with either your Laptop or Desktop computer, well some  say that it’s not possible but Internet helper say otherwise. You can create Java applications with your android smartphone.

What is Java in app creation?

Java is a programming language that can be used to develop Java games or even Android games that will then run on various Android and Java phones.
However if you want to develop any other Java apps this tutorial also covers it, to get started here is what you’ll need
1. Android device
2. An app from Play store.
3. Space to download.

learn to create your first Java app!

1. Go to Play Store and search for “Java”
2. Select the “Android Java IDE” app from the list that you’ll see.
3. Install it but first make sure that there is space on your phone. After installation click to open
4. Name your app and tap “Create” to create a new app project in the “create new app” Java screen.
Important! To actually create a real app you need to upgrade. Again it’s very important you know what you’re doing if you encounter a process you don’t understand research on it otherwise quit because you might just mess up with your device.

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