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This is the top active free online chat rooms, in case you want to chat, you should not just chat you should do so properly, just choosing the best platform and start meeting people doesn’t cut it, you need to have options, solid options, even though to start meeting different people in different countries is the whole point of this online chat platforms, by meeting people you can really know some basic things about them at least. Maybe with time, you can even get to know them. That is the best you can hope for in this situation, meeting those you chat with online, maybe from their other things like a serious relationship, business investment and even marriage may come up. You never can tell.

Over time we got used to the popular chat rooms and some times doing the same things over and over again can get quite boring, so you need to spice things up a bit. In the days of Yahoo chat rooms, people usually get comfortable using there chat sites, as there are a lot of different chat rooms in different categories available there. But even at that people still were getting bored, this simply means having alternative chat rooms is good, these alternatives can make things easier for you not to get bored meeting friends online all-round the world.

The active free rooms

Talking about alternatives, we recently published a list of alternatives to alternatives to YAHOO chat rooms, you can check them out if you are looking for chat platforms that are exactly like Yahoo chat rooms.

Let’s look at the top active chat rooms online that are free to use, this means no payment, no stupid pop up or those annoying redirections. You may see one or two ads mostly banner ads that’s just how the platform makes money. In some cases, you not even see any single advert. These sites are the real deal when you’re looking at having people around to talk to.

We will divide these rooms into categories and place these rooms accordingly, this will make it easier for you to identify the rooms you’ll like to belong to as there are lots chat rooms on this article. We start with it.

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Top Anonymous Chat rooms

These rooms do not require registration or any sign up what so ever, you can choose to sign up if you want to personalize your chat username otherwise you can continue chatting anonymously. It doesn’t matter the location you are from, you can use this chat platform anywhere in the World.

1. Yeschat
Yeschat welcome page

This is a simple anonymous free chat room, what you only need to do is to click ‘start chatting’ after which you enter your username and start meeting and chatting with people online.

You must be at least thirteen years of age, at least that’s the age you’re expected to be.

To start chatting visit yeschat

  • You’ll be shown a box where you type your nickname, type and click continue
  • Agree to their privacy policy terms.
  • You’ll be logged in.

There are basically two main types of chats

The group chat and one on one chat, all online.
There are also a few chat rooms available, you can choose one and enter.

You can end the chat at any time by simply clicking end chat at the top right corner.


2. Rendezvouschat
Rendezvous chat room
Rendezvous chat nickname page

If dating and relationship is your thing then Rendezvous is for you. This is another free chat room that is online. They simply aim to bring people together, you don’t have to worry about your details, not even your profile picture as you are simply anonymous. The attraction is based solely on how you guys relate while chatting.

Just make sure to be on your best behavior if you want to attract someone, I have seen people exchange their Snapchat username, as a means to exchange phone numbers/Whatsapp number through  Snapchat.

  • To start chatting go to Red
  • Click on “chat singles free”
  • Type your nickname
  • Click on Chat.

You’ll be taken directly to the chat room

  • It can enable video chats if you want.
  • You can also do voice chat.

It allows you to register with them if you want more features like the

  • Ability to add people as friends
  • Ability to follow people
  • The ability for fellow users to add you
  • Private message
  • Profile picture etc.


e hat chat room
e hat chat room homepage

Another free online chat room that requires nickname or username, just as with most of these online chat rooms on this list nickname is necessary before you can enter the room and start chatting, you can put anything there if you don’t want to spend time looking for that killer Nickname.

You can choose to chat without registering, or you can chat by registering, whatever you choose is on you.

To leave the chat either exit or close your browser tab.

  • To start chatting
  • What you need to do is simple
  • Select a nickname by typing it
  • Click next/continue, now start chatting.


4. Chatango chat rooms
chatango chat room
Homepage of Chatango free online chat room

This one is similar to the Yahoo chat room of old, you get to see so many chat rooms you can join to meet people online all for free.

How you join groups on Chatango is by invitation, you’ll have to be invited to Chatango. To join a group use this list of top Chatango chat rooms Chatango chat rooms group invite to join any group you wish, they are categorized so I’m sure you’ll find one that will suit you.

You can also create your own group and invite others to join.

To create a group on Chatango

  • Visit
  • Click on the default box layout, there are two major ones
  • Next, then name your group.
  • Start adding people to your group through the invitation link.

The Chatango server has a feature that is rarely free when compared to other platforms. Features like;

– Automatic moderation: You don’t have to worry about censorship as all vulgar, obscene and established ‘bad’ words will be automatically deleted. Unless you disable that Auto-moderation from your created group. For full list of anonymous chat rooms see Top Online Chat Rooms Without Registration

Top Anime chat rooms

Anime entertainment has such a huge following these days, even if their various chat rooms online are always noisy being that there are a lot of users in these rooms.

These rooms are for Anime lovers, there you can discuss whatever you want to discuss fully especially when it concerns Anime characters, movies, and games.

So join this chat and see the type of banters that goes on in there.

5. otaku

Anime chatroom based on Discord
Anime chatroom based on Discord

This anime soul chat room is based on the discord platform and it is for Anime gamers, If you like Anime gaming and will like to hook up with fellow players, this room is for you. They claim to have 194k plus members and an average of 29,000 that is always online. If numbers are right getting ready to marry your devices, as you’ll chat till you quit.

  • Visit Otaku and accept the invitation
  • Again you have to select your unique username from there you can now start chatting with other like-minded users.

Visit Otaku

6. Myanimelist chat

This site is not just a chat site with various chat rooms it is a full-fledged forum for all lovers of Anime.

You have different sections with different categories for different interests.

  • Games
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Relationship

You can also add members as friends and exchange private chat.

You will need to register in other to join this forum.

To register just click on registration and follow the instructions
Verify your email address and you’re done. It is simpler to register than even Facebook.

7. Animeotakuchatroom

Animetokun chat room

This is based on the Chatango platform, a bubbling group with many like-minded members. You can meet and chat with different people at once.

On visiting this website, it takes you directly to the chat area where you can start chatting immediately even without setting username.

There are various options here

– Login temporary, where you don’t need any username to start chatting
– Log in with a temporary name, this is a nickname you can choose which will expire after you must have finished chatting.
– Set up a user account by signing up as a Chatango member
As a Chatango member: This can allow others to private message you and see your profile picture.
Check for the full list of this Anime chat rooms Anime chat rooms here.

Visit Animeotakuchatroom

Top Similar Sites like YAHOO chat rooms

These sites are quite similar to YAHOO, they are not YAHOO but they are like Yahoo chat rooms as they share some things in common with the now-closed Yahoo chat site.

As they are easy to use, easy to navigate, have multiple rooms, require registration and most cases account creation.

8. 7 Cups
7 cups free online chat room
The 7 cups chat site start page

7 Cups is a great look-alike to Yahoo chat rooms, the site is similar to YAHOO chat, whatever you need especially if you require the basic feature of the now-retired Yahoo chat rooms.

  • It has user registration feature where you can log in with your email and password
  • Ability to access general room
  • Ability to have private conversations
  • The minimum age is 13 to 17 for teenagers.

The minimum age of acceptance is 18 years, whoever wants to join should be around that age, 18 and above.

Visit site 7cups

So you can go ahead and check out the 7 Cups chat website if you won’t need to start meeting people around the world.

9. Tinychat
Tinychat free online chatroom
Tinychat home page

Just like its name, Tiny Chat is a micro chat room, with many many members around and willing to chat, the main thing is to bring something to the table, as this chat platform is not just for chatting sake you have to engage them in intelligent discussions.

Tinychat is not literal tiny, it’s a chat platform that’s somehow vast, so don’t get disappointed over the Tiny name. Here you can meet people in various locations and countries of the world, people you can discuss with on any topic that suits your fancy.

  • Just enter Tinychat
  • Register and start chatting
  • It is easy to do

Visit Tinychat

Great when chatting with strangers remember to chat safely. Play it save as it might work, and you may benefit fully, or it might not work in that case you would have minimized the negative impact that might result from that. The best advice when using this free online chat rooms/sites and platform you need to take it casual and easy, as a way to pass time.

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