Top 5 Yahoo Chat Rooms Alternatives

Yahoo Chat rooms alternative
similar sites like Yahoo chat

If you are looking for Yahoo chat rooms alternatives look no further you have it here, with this list, hopefully, you will
Different designs, same functions and features, same characteristics, but different colors and improved designs. More importantly same quality with Yahoo chat rooms. These are the top Yahoo Messenger chat rooms alternative for chatting with new people or strangers.

These rooms are user-friendly; some have different categories so that your chat will have a topic that it is based on, these categories will help give the room discussions a direction. You can chat on different subjects like entertainment, education, technology, and others. Yahoo chat rooms used to be great, especially their messenger feature. And just like Google with a Yahoo account, you get access to their various services like Yahoo Mail and Yahoo messenger. Before we go into the list of these rooms proper you can take a look at the List Of  These Top Active Anime Chat Rooms.

Active Yahoo chat substitute

These are similar sites like Yahoo chat

1. Discord

Just like Yahoo chat, Discord chat has lots of rooms for different categories. But unlike Yahoo users can create the chat rooms themselves and set the subjects to any topics they like. Membership is mostly through invitation.

Key Features
  • Supports Group live video streaming
  • Supports instant messaging
  • Simple layout
  • Anybody can create a group on the Discord platform.

2. Gitter

Gitter is mainly targeted for a specific audience, this audience is in the software development niche. So if IT/Software development is your thing then this chat room platform is for you. In Gitter there are different chat rooms all tied to software development. You can hook it up with the biggest software development forum Github.

Key Features
  • Supports Instant messaging for software development
  • It also integrates with GitHub
  • Easy navigation

3. Chatango

Chatango is much like discord except, the only thing with Chatango is the ability to be anonymous when chatting, it is not compulsory to register, you can choose to chat like that or register.

You can also create a group chat on the Chatango platform, a group with you can invite people to join with your download link, you can also invite people with a username.

Key features
  • Ability to create a group chat
  • Registration is optional
  • Instant messaging support
  • Unlimited number members.

4. 7 Cups

This caters for specific people, for the depressed or those who are emotionally down. There are trained listeners willing to give support to any person who is going through emotional difficulty.

7 Cups is essentially for the depressed people out there.

Key features
  • One on one support for members by trained personnel
  • Only for the depressed.
  • The minimum age is 13 to 17 for teenagers.
  • 18 plus for adults.

Visit site

5. Tinychat

Tinychat like its name suggests does not have extensive userbase like other of its counterparts, nor does it come close to what Yahoo groups have at its prime. What it has is a dedicated group of groups in a particular community.

Visit site Tinychat

Key features

  • Dedicated community
  • Can chat without registration
  • Low bandwidth/internet requirement

There are other Yahoo-based chat rooms out there on the Internet, by Yahoo based it simply means Yahoo inspired chat rooms, these rooms are mainly created for the purpose of connecting people with each other. This post highlighted the Chat rooms that are based online which can be accessed through the browser, either through your desktop browser or through your mobile browsers. There are other chat rooms that are based on mobile, that is they are created as mobile applications, such as

  • Snapchat
  • Kik etc.

We will highlight more of these mobile-based chat applications on our next post. Meanwhile, if you know of any other quality Chat rooms that can serve as a Yahoo chat room alternative, please mention them through comments, we will investigate and add to this list.


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