All About Generators Including Types Of Electric Generators

Before you do any thing that’s based on Electric Generators, either to buy or to recommend or even to sell to people you need to know if nothing else at least the basics. This way you don’t get duped, scammed or get to buy fake generators.

Electric Generators which can also be called power generators, and as we know is primarily used to generate electric power, but for the benefits of those who are not too familiar with Generators we will go further, Electric Generators is like an electric generation medium which is in form of a solid mass that is used to generate electricity, it converts this electrical current at the point of generation from AC to DC current which is safe to use, then it is passed to our homes, work and offices to be used in powering our home appliances like TV sets, fridges, cooker; in our places of work like office equipment, heavy duty machines, computers, printers etc.

Types of Generators

There are currently three types of Generators namely

All About Generators Including Types Of Electric Generators
Tiger Gen

1. Fuel powered Gens : This are Generators that use crude oil product like fuel to power them. This generators are the most common and also among the cheapest you can find in the market. Example of such Gens are : the small 650W power Tiger Gen popularly known as ‘I pass my neighbor’ generator others are the 3200s Gens which are bigger than the small ones and holds more current.

The 650W Gens don’t carry much power and can’t power major household appliances, such as a 5000volts Stabilizers, UPS, Fridge, etc, you know any thing that’s more than it’s 650W capacity.

2. Diesel/Gas powered Gens This simply means it uses Gas or diesel to power it. This type of Gen is less popular than the fuel Gens, they are mostly used on Generators that are called Listers or Plants, are usually measured in KVA, for instance those white Mikano Gens used in Telecom masks.

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3. Solar Powered Gens This Gens make use of rechargeable batteries which are recharged with the sun by means of inverters, once it is recharged and connected it will now start giving light currents.

All About Generators Including Types Of Electric Generators
Diesel Gen

This generators don’t just manufacture Electricity by itself there are a lot of things that goes into electric generation, the generator is first filled up with fuel, diesel or recharged and then it is started and connected via a copper wire, this wire is linked to the main house wiring via circuit breakers.

It might be said that this Gens are mainly used in Africa, especially in Nigeria, but then it’s used in other continents, it might not be rampant in America or Europe, but they have standby in case of emergencies.

Generators are mainly produced to be used as standby power generator, to complement the normal Public or Government power
– used for emergency, in case the regular power supply is not available

The benefits of Generators are many, the above are just few of the things a Generator can do.

Let’s look at what you need to watch out for when buying a power Generator

What do you need? Do you need a work Gen or a home Gen or both? Considering this questions would help you decide what type Gen you need to get.

For Gens that will be used at home, you need to consider what it’ll be powering, the minimum in this case is the 650W small Gen, this powers the basic things in your home, like Television sets, your Laptop or Desktop, the lights in your home, it doesn’t power your fridge, UPS, Electric cooker and other heavy home appliances.

If you want a complete package, that is Gens that will power every thing in your home shoot for Gens that are rated in KVA, for example the  Elemax 2.6KVA Petrol Generator or the cheaper  Sumec Firman SPG2500 Gen will all power every thing in 1, 2, 3, or 4 room apartment.

All About Generators Including Types Of Electric Generators
Citizen Elite

For places that require heavy power like banks, Schools, Offices, some homes and business establishment that have heavy equipment like printing press etc, the bigger capacity Gens are needed, the 650w, 1, 2 or 3 KVA Gens won’t do it. They need bigger capacity. Listers which are diesel engine is ideal for this, they make use of Gas not Fuel. If you don’t like such heavy looking Diesel Engines,  try this portable one the  Hyundai 5.0KVA Diesel   Generator,  this is very portable at the same time strong and rugged.

However if you’re so in love with Fuel powered Gens, the 10 KVA  Citizens Elite Electric Q-10000E Generator is the best for office complex, schools and hospitals.

For large establishment, especially ones that is based in manufacturing, Fabrication and production Diesel powered Listers are for you.

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