Thanks  Mike, he went to get a collection of funny gifs for birthdays, you can choose anyone, you need. Just make sure to use it for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

Download 1000+ Happy Birthday Funny gif In Zip
Download 1000+ Happy Birthday Funny gif In Zip-picture

To give you a preview of this collection sees below. There is a gif for everyone, once you download them, extract it, and select the ones you want, you can use it in any place you want except perhaps for commercial purposes.

The collection

1. January

There are various funny birthday gifs here, there are ones for stupid people, some for sane minds, some too for your friends. Then you move over to others that’s gender-specific like the gifs for

  • Girls
  • Boys
  • Women
  • Men
  • Ladies
  • Gentlemen

Then others are there too for different situations, like the New Year birthday funny gifs, heralding the start of the new year. For lucky boys, girls, and children born in January.


2. February

The only month that can get you in the mood of the leap year. February happy birthday funny gifs are included in this pack for you. Like its counterpart January, February gifs are many and diverse, included are funny gifs, everyone.

Whether you are

  • Boy
  • Girl
  • Child
  • Man
  • Woman
  • Animal

There is something for everyone. These funny gifs are good for people born on February, as the 28 or 29 days of this month have different gifs. Download and enjoy.


3. March

March born here you are, these funny birthday gifs are for you to save and use. These gifs are many, just like January and February. There are gifs for everyone. Gifs for boys, ones for girls, gifs for men and women, gifs that features animals. Also included are funny gifs for

  • Love
  • Heartbreak
  • Disaster
  • Fortune
  • Celebrity gifs.

Those are the major categories of gifs included in this list of gifs for the month of March. Go ahead and save or download them, they are there for you and your friends. If you need other months read on.


4. April

For the month there funny birthday gifs too, but it’s not that many like the previous month, but they can still do the job. As the little that is there is enough for you to use to wish your friends and family or acquaintances and co-workers happy birthday.

The pack for April contains many funny happy birthday gifs and you can choose the ones you want easily as not all of them are family-friendly. Featured in this pack are gifs for

  • Men and women,
  • Adults,
  • Teenagers
  • Some popular holidays
  • Gifs of real people

You can download these funny gifs for the month of April and use them anywhere.


5. May

For the month, starting from the beginning of the weeks to the end, the birthday gifs are amazing, even if you decided to pick one or more every week and share them. You won’t still run out of gifs to share.

Like the others the gifs for may contains gifs for different people and different interests, there are much more interests that in this pack than the others. These are

  • Love
  • Romance
  • Dispair
  • Depression
  • Hope

All these gifs are presented in a funny hilarious manner. Go ahead and download them, use them too, as it’s one thing to download is another thing to use them. So put it to good use.


6. June

The month of June is one of the best when it comes to this funny birthday gifs, the gifs contained here is family-friendly and save for everyone. No mature content or offensive gifs. They are especially good if you are the religious type. That is they are quite clean to use.

The packs are much catering for many people and walk life. You can find funny birthday gifs for many areas including

  • Humanity
  • Business
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Animals especially cats.

Happy birthday to you guys born on the Month of June, you guys are clean and lucky to have this pack dedicated to you. Go ahead and save them, use them too.


7. July

The month of the great, hmm that’s what my friends usually say, they say people born in July are usually great. I won’t want to disagree with them openly though, I don’t want to offend anyone intentionally or unintentionally.

Back to the July happy birthday packs. Here are what you should expect to get in this pack

  • Love
  • Romance
  • Dispair
  • Depression
  • Hope

So go ahead and rock them, download, and enjoy.


8. August

The month of August is significant with celebrations and holidays, some are official, others are not. Such holidays could be National Girlfriends Day, International Parents Day, National Beer Day, Single Working Women’s Day, National Lighthouse Day, Book day, etc.

So if you or your friends and family are born this month then you are fortunate to get this pack as it contains virtually all gifs you can find, there are many of them for in this pack.

Some of this gifs for the month of August are

  • Love and romance
  • Office settings
  • Funny gifs for birthdays
  • August specific gifs

Again download and enjoy.


9. September

Welcome to the month of September, whatever year! Glad that you’ve made it do far, despite challenges and different unavoidable circumstances you are here. You can go ahead and download but he packs for you or your friends. This birthday gifs are free to download and free to use.

There is no better pack when it comes to fun, this September pack contains a lot of funny gifs and images to spice up your birthdays. This one is cool. Just make sure to use them where appropriate.

Now to the areas, these gifs are focused on

  • You can find funny gifs in
  • Love and romance
  • Kids
  • Celebrities
  • Education and other areas.


10. October

For October you have less funny gifs, but they can make you happy, you will laugh until you are happy. The pack is quite funny. It comes in a zip folder, it should be around 100-500, happy birthday gifs.

To have a preview of what you may find check the niches that these gifs are in

  • Funny
  • Funny
  • Funny

The truth it’s not arranged based on category, rather it is scattered. When you download it you have to arrange them one by one.



11. November

For the month of November, it is open and see, on second thought, let me tell you what to expect from this pack.

Expect the funny gifs that aren’t funny, this means the gifs should be funny but they are not. It can be likened to the pail bearers dancing when someone dies.

If you find such things funny, then go ahead and download this pack. Just expect dark and drap funny gifs.


12. December

Welcome to December the month of were many Christians believe Jesus Christ was born. The son of God.

As expected these funny happy gifs have a lot of Christmas themed gifs. Just go ahead and download them.


Note: The creators of this gifs made it free, you are expected to use these gifs for personal use, don’t commercialize it.

By Chimatim

Mr Tim an author in, he writes for various digital and prints media platforms.

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