Best Lightening Creams Without Hydroquinone In Nigeria

When it comes to lightening creams in Nigeria, there are actually a few ones that are without hydroquinone because most of these creams contain this ingredient.

Hydroquinone creams are everywhere the same ingredient is present in creams in the US, creams in the UK, Germany, in Africa and other countries in the whole world, however, such creams are strictly controlled. Because Hydroquinone can be dangerous when it is used more than necessary. The problem is how do you know that you are “over-using” these type of creams, or better still when to stop using it.

Well, the answer can be tricky as it depends on a lot of variables, including skin type, weather, and other external factors. This means the answer is not straight forward.

What is Hydroquinone?

Hydroquinone is when properly formulated is not a harmful ingredient, what it does is to simply limit the creation of melanin which is responsible for the black color you see on most skins. It can lighten and whiten a dark or black person easily and quickly.

However long term use of Hydroquinone is often associated with a skin reaction where darkening occurs where it’s applied called, this is called Exogenous Ochronosis. 
Studies have confirmed it.

Over-the-counter Hydroquinone products usually can contain up to 2% which is the recommended amount for most people, but for more stubborn hyperpigmentation or dark spots, 4% concentrations of Hydroquinone are usually prescribed. Any other thing higher than 2 and 4 percent is very dangerous to human skin, even if you’re dark as charcoal.

The problem with Hydroquinone containing creams is the sun if you want to get the best out of Hydroquinone reduce sun exposure- as with other skin lightening ingredients- to the barest minimum and make sure to wear sunscreen.

Prolonged use of Hydroquinone is dangerous the skin, it doesn’t matter if it’s 2 or 4%, what matters is don’t use it for long, as there are adverse side effects.

There are alternatives to Hydroquinone creams in Nigeria, creams without this ingredient which will lighten or whiten you completely, although it will take a longer time when compared to the conventional Hydroquinone creams.

Top lightening cream without hydroquinone

1. Bismid Intensive Whitening Cream – 200ml


This cream is for all skin types.  It contains important vitamins and minerals for whitening, hydration, and nourishment. Above all Bismid cream does not contain hydroquinone. Check the ingredients below.

How to use Bismid Intensive whitening cream

Propylene Glycol, Licorice extract, Vitamin C, Fragrance, Betula Alba, Tilla, Aqua, Sodium lactate, 
Rubufructicosus, Citrus Limonum, and Aspergillus.

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2. Gluta Extreme Whitening Fade Milk


This is an extreme whitening cream, for most skin types as little as 5 days, results will start showing. You just need to apply this cream religiously every day after taking your bath.

How to use

Twice a day – preferable in the morning and evening. For quick results, make sure you take your bath before applying this cream.

Gluta Extreme Whitening Fade Milk ingredients

This cream contains

  • Arbutin
  • Vitamin E
  • Kojic Acid
  • Glutathione

It contains vitamin c and papaya extract in trace amounts.

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3. Admire my skin Retinoid Cream – 45mlp

This Retinoid cream reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This is clinically effective Retinoid cream designed to help give you brighter, healthier, and more youthful skin in a few weeks. Imagine finally having brighter and healthier skin that glows without having a costly prescription.

You will start seeing results within 6 weeks when you use it every night. The main work of this cream is to reduce and eliminate wrinkles and redness, it improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, smoothness, and firmness. Making you younger as it is a very powerful anti-aging cream.

Retinol is not a whitening cream, it is a cream that will help you get the desired freshness either before or after the lightening phase.

What this means is it eliminates all those dark sport, uneven spots, redness associated with using a bad cream 
for bleaching, thereby making your face smooth and ready for a good whitening cream.

Admire my skin Retinoid Cream ingredients


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4. Dr Rashel Fairness Whitening Day Cream


Reduces pigmentation and uneven skin tone brightens face within 14 days giving you an adorable, fine complexion.

According to some people who have used this cream before, they say it’s mild and smooth to the skin, but it doesn’t whiten tough skins completely, so if you have a tough skin especially face you might look for other alternatives.

How to use & Ingredients

Same with most creams on this list, just apply it twice a day, morning afternoon and evening.

Dr Fairness whitening cream ingredients

Arbutin, vitamin E and Niacin amide.

5. Snow White Cream

Dr Rashel Fairness Whitening Day Cream

The only downside of this cream is the price, but if you have the money go for this cream as it will whiten you 
within 7 days.

It doesn’t matter your skin type whether you are black naturally or fair naturally. Even if you have tough skin.

Snow White cream Ingredients and how to use

Water, Cyclopentasiloxane Cyclopentasiloxane, glycerin, mineral oil, niacinamide, propylene glycol, Cetearyl alcohol, isododecane, disteardimonium hectorite, propylene carbonate, titanium dioxide, mica, polymethyl methacrylate, treat hoxycaprylylsilane, glyceryl stearate, peg-100 stearate, beeswax, dimethicone, stearic acid, polysorbate 60, phenoxyethanol, thethanolamine, carbomer, fragrance, disodium, etc.


Take a small amount on the back of the hand, and gently apply it on your face until fully absorbed. Best done after the bath.

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Try the above cream recommendations if you are serious about bleaching without using Hydroquinone. Yes it’s true Hydroquinone is best when it comes to how fast you can bleach your skin using cream but it’s harmful in the long run. So you’d best use these ones. Also, beware of fake creams in the market this is why I always advise people to buy from a reputable source rather than the open market in Nigeria. There are also other effective creams with Hydroquinone which you can check out. Just make sure you don’t use them for long as prolonged use of these creams may have side effects.


Written by Elizbeth Lizzy.


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