By Elizbeth Lizzy A Beauty Therapist

Update: We will be doing the first skin clinic in Nigeria, and it’s free! courtesy of AIM and major cream retailers in the UK and Africa, I will be there live.

Your skin will be tested and cream recommendations will be given to you, you can buy original creams on the spot or buy later.

It is once in a lifetime opportunity as a skin test like this is expensive to do.

I promised them to met the target on time, please make this a reality, reserve your slot and share to help others reserve theirs. as a rule, if you can help as much as 15 or more reserve theirs, you’ll be given special treatment. I want this to hold and it can only hold in Nigeria if the expected number of people are met, otherwise the clinic may go to another African country. RESERVE Your SLOT We will select three Nigerian cities from a survey after you all have reserved your slot.

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Check this collection of creams that are currently hot in the market right now these creams will make your skin fair and white, it doesn’t matter if you are dark like charcoal or if you are already fair. What matters is they will lighten your skin to the desired color. There are many reasons why you might want to bleach, there are also many benefits of bleaching. For some.

Reasons for Bleaching

You may have spots on your face or old body caused by freckles, age spots, liver spots, birthmarks, burns, sunburn scars, accident scars, and any other scars. Also condition like hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, or any one of many embarrassing skin conditions that may be making you feel self-conscious thus having low confidence.

 About this skin bleaching creams

Most of these skin whitening treatments act by blocking melanin production.
Their main action is to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase. Several treatments use a combination of gels or lotions along with sunscreen. Below are some of the components you will find in skin whitening products:

*. Hydroquinone – primarily, this substance is used for whitening the skin because of its antioxidant abilities. Cosmetic concentrations are available in 2%, which can be gotten over the counter while other concentrations are at 4%. Contrary to what people think Hydroquinone does not bleach the skin but helps lighten the skin.

*. Kojic Acid – The by-product of malting rice or the process of sake production. Studies have shown that Kojic acid is effective in inhibiting melanin production but this is also an unstable ingredient without the right cosmetic formulation. When exposed to sunlight, this can turn brown and therefore lose efficiency. Several cosmetic companies have used Kojic dipalmitate as a potent alternative.

*. Arbutin – this is an effective alternative to hydroquinone. Arbutin is gotten from mulberry, white mulberry, bearberry, and paper mulberry. The action of arbutin is to inhibit the production of melanin. Some forms of arbutin are also found in pears and this substance is considered safe over other skin whitening ingredients.

*. Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) – This ingredient can easily penetrate the skin because of its molecular size. The benefit of AHA is to generate cell regeneration and remove abnormal layers of the skin (exfoliation). The superficial layer of the skin is where most discolorations occur.

Before you start you need to get rid of the pimples first if you have one, this is necessary because, most of this bleaching creams only whitens your body and doesn’t cure pimples entirely, although some might try it won’t be as strong as a dedicated acne cream.

Talking about dedicated acne cream, the best in Nigeria and one of the best in the word is Funbact A Triple Action Cream This cream is very powerful, you only need to wash your face with warm water to open the pores then apply Funbact in the morning and night. You’ll see the magic after a few days.


Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams

View Offer  Funbact A Triple Action Cream N700

When you’re done with your pimples move over to these creams.

1. Fair & Brite Lightening Cream. This cream does what it says, it lightens your skin, it doesn’t whiten per se but you’ll love it if all you just want is to lighten your skin, that is from dark, black, or chocolate to something close to white but not white. You’ll love the skin color it gives to black or dark skins, it also makes your face smooth.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, Fair & Brite Lightening Cream

View offer On Konga starting from N600 Fair & Brite Lightening Cream 

2. Fair & Brite Extreme Skin Radiance Brightening Lotion.
This is suitable for fair and semi-fair women or men, it does almost the same thing with the cream, except that it is a lotion and as a lotion it helps enhance the fair people color, the blacks are not left as it contains some trace quantity of hydroquinone that serves as a catalyst to lighten the dark skin in the shortest possible time, specifically just 3weeks.


Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, Fair & Brite Extreme Skin Radiance Brightening Lotion.

View offer
Konga N2000   Fair & Brite Extreme Skin Radiance Brightening Lotion

3. Carrotte Whitening Serum Now this is the cream that turns you white, when I say white I mean pure white like Oyibo, I tested this Serum on one of my clients and I saw the result in one week! This Serum, when used alongside its Sister Intense toning, will surely get you the desired result. You can discontinue its use when you’ve got the desired skin color and start using a good toner.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, Carrotte Whitening Serum

View Offer Konga  Carrotte Whitening Serum N2750

4. Carrot Glow Intense Toning Beauty Milk
It is one thing to spend lots of Nairas on bleaching creams and then get your desired skin tone, it is another thing to maintain that color, because leaving that cream will eventually bring you back to square one, continuous use it might over whiten you, or at worst damage your skin, here is where this Skin toner comes. With this Tonner you don’t need to apply lots of creams, just use whatever cream that gets your desired skin color, then use this toner to maintain it.


Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams,Carrot Glow Intense Toning Beauty Milk

View offer Carrot Glow Intense Toning Beauty Milk  500ml N13500

5. Original Caro White Lightening Beauty Cream.
With 2% hydroquinone as it maximum (4% is the maximum, but not sold in the open market) this cream will lighten you even if you are very dark, it will give you smooth skin.


Its smell is even the second attractive thing about this cream, I assure you, you’ll love the smell, just don’t eat it! On a serious note, this cream works.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, Original Caro White Lightening Beauty Cream.

View offer on Konga Original Caro White Lightening Beauty Cream. N1150

6. Caro White Body Lotion
This is the lotion version, as you know by now lotions are good for naturally fair people. People who were fair before but due conditions they lost their color. –

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, Caro White Body Lotion

View Offer Caro White Body Lotion
300ml N750

7. QEI Privilege Toning Body Milk
A bit expensive but works really well, this cream is best used during the last lighting stage if you are dark before. If you are fair already you can start with it. For the dark people, it’s recommended you start with QEI  privilege or ( start with Almond Oil this would get you about 2 shades lighter. And the next step, after using the QEI with almond oil for about 3 months should be the QEI with Shea Butter, this is optional as those creams are pretty hard to get). This is actually one of my favorites for clients, it gets you lighter while giving you a lovely even, and bright complexion. QEI Oriental is best used in the last stage of lightning.

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Either of those two privilege and oriental, do a good job of brightening the skin some more while at the same time maintaining it. There are many lightening products when used for a long duration, the skin starts to get damaged, this is not the case with QEI. This is why it has done so well after so many years in the market.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, QEI Privilege Toning Body Milk

View Offer N7000
QEI Privilege Toning Body Milk


Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, Oriental with Argan Oil Soap

View offer N3500
Oriental with Argan Oil Soap

8.  Makari Beauty Whitening Milk
This is a silky light emulsion to lighten and moisturize your complexion, particularly pleasant to the touch. This cream acts very fast against excessive pigment formation. Using this cream regularly will keep your skin in perfect condition, luminous and soft.

This Beauty Milk is particularly effective against pigmented marks, scars, liver spots, and other signs of premature skin aging. It is very gentle and non-irritant, this cream is ideal for daily use.
And the best part of it is that it’s hydroquinone-free.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, Makari Beauty Whitening Milk

View offer N8500 Makari Beauty Whitening Milk

If you don’t have any soap that works for you then you need fair and white soap with carrot, this soap specifically exfoliate your skin, that is peels out those black spot and takes care of any other blemish your skin might have.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, fair and white soap with carrot

View offer N1450
fair and white soap with carrot

Please note. There are many fake products of this cream on the market, for example, Maxi cream used to be a very good bleaching cream, but where is it today? can’t be found because almost all of them are fake. I have seen some stores that sell the body wash of it. QEI  does not manufacture it. Nor do they manufacture an extra-large size of the body lotion, so it is fake. That is why is good you buy online from a reputable supplier.

Note: Watch or download this short video to see how you can do a self-skin test to determine your skin type and cream HERE video is no longer available.

Written By Elizbeth Lizzy Okoro
Studied Beauty Therapy In London School of Beauty & Make-Up,
Use the Comment form to ask questions, I’ll get it as it is linked to my email

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234 thoughts on “8 Best Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams”
  1. Thanks for the useful tips. i was wondering when you mentioned Original Caro white. is there a fake caro white?

  2. hello Anonymous you need a cream that contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid for exfoliation, this peels out the burnt skin smoothly, then use either of the cream to lighten your skin, if you mean lighten then pay attention to those creams that lightens not Whitens.

  3. Plz What are the side effects of using Caro white cuz I really want to get lighter like 3 shades but I don't want to have negative effects like stretch marks, green veins, black knuckles or look red-like. I just want a glamorous skin. Right now I'm using otentika creme (pink) and serum for two months now with no result and I exfoliate well so I don't know what to use anymore. Plz help!!!

  4. There is no side effect if you balance it, use it until you get lighter then gradually WITHDRAW from using it much, just sparingly. If your budget allows it go for Makari Beauty Whitening Milk.

    1. Lizzy pls does fairness white cream bleach,I am slightly light and I don’t want to bleach in such that I begin to notice green veins,red skin black knuckles etc…fairness white cream is hydroquione free though but it contains gigawhite,trimoist,titaniumdioxe,niacinamide and butyrospermum parkii

  5. Hi dis Lizzy ,pls nid a cream that can whiten me ,am fair in complexion and have a very sensitive skin,I mean whiten,plz help thanks

  6. Hi there, first off, will like to thank you for sharing this knowledge. I will love to whitening my whole completion ,which of this products will you recommend that will give me flawless and spotless skin. Thanks again

  7. I am dark in complexion,am currently using Balea cream and it's not working, i wanna be like 3-4 shades lighter but don't wanna bleach,just enhance the color of my skin, I have my eyes of qei and makari lotion, which of then do you recommend for me? I also plan to switch to tracia goat milk washing liquid, what's your take?

  8. I really don't know, don't you guys have an online store that sells it? try the offline market or try Amazon, although the transportation cost will make it a bit higher.

  9. All of them are good, choosing a particular one depends on many things, your skin color, do you have any skin defects like marks, how white you'll like be etc.

  10. Pls m tryin 2 buy Carrot cream online bt it won't work..av nt used it b4 bt wil d way pple tokz abt d cream,I tink I lyk it cus m avin prblm wit my neck,knuckles n foot,they dnt march wit my body at i nid a good cream dat wil light me alittle bt nt bleash..m chocolate in colour

  11. am fair in completion but my skin got dimmed after using one mixture cream like DAT, I stopped ND got qei privilege with the oil just to get my skin glow agn. I love dis qei privilege cuz it smoothens but I dnt really have a nice soap pls Lizzy is the fair ND white soap with carrot a nice option I want to try it with the qei. I HV a sensitive ND dry skin

  12. Pls does the carrotte whitening serum whiten and also makes your colour rhyme and flawless(am fair before)?,also can i aply it on my face in the morning or I need a face cream? Lastly please wht soap can I use with it plssss?

  13. Without a test you won't know For sure. But this soap is generally good, the key is to use and examine, if you like what you see continue

    1. Hello Lizzy, you are so compassionate. I’m a guy that works a lot outside and my head to neck is dark and rough including my hands. But my body down to toes are pretty fair. Right now I use idole papaya soap and nivea extra white protect and repair cream. I’m not pretty satisfied at all. What to do? Thanks Lizzy

  14. At d moment I use all dis mixed cream bt I want to stop it cos I hv dark knuckles both on my hand nd leg. Wat cream can I switch to. Can I do it immediately or do I hv to wait for sometime bfor using a new cream. Pls I need help

  15. you have all lost the plot think of your old age beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, what about when you have operation the healing process. when you have some things that is too much when you are light it becomes bigger

  16. Hi, nice piece here. Please have you heard of Dh7 organic? I would like to try it but I'm not sure. If you've heard of it can you advise on if it's good or a waste of money. Thanks

  17. Good day dear,

    Thank you for the cream advice. However, I'm currently using peau Claire lotion with carrot oil , and Caro white soap, but I'm not seeing the effects I want to lighten very well. What would u suggest?

  18. Hi lizzy, i m light bt i v knuckles n darker hands and the only thing that has worked to lighten me more was perfect herbals but i got scared cos m nt sure of d ingredients and v heard so many negative reviews. Pls i really want a halfcaste tone, reccommend one .thanks

  19. Hello i have an oily skin and i need a lightening lotion because am a bit dark so can i mix fair and bright extreme radiace lotion and a little carotte whitening serum

  20. What are the side effects of stopping funbacta? Will the caro white lighten me if I don't mix it with the oil because I'm very dark?

  21. Hi Lizzy, I am a light skin person. But due to sun burn and skin discoloration, I went dark in the skin. Which of the lightening cream would u recommend. Have you used Makari on any of your client

  22. I want to lighten my body 3/4 shades lighter, I've tried many creams but I haven't seen any results which cream would you recommend? Thanks

  23. it is usually good to stick with what worked for you, but the ingredients should be right to avoid skin problems in the long run. if it's possible copy out its ingredients so that I can check

  24. Hi lizzy, I used express glow lightening lotion mixed with its works for sometime buh later my skin was getting too am using a mixed cream and I wanna stop it… Thinking of markari buh I dnt wanna go dark plus I hav a terrible sun burn..advise on that please

  25. Hi lizzy,nice blog you have here. I make use of Diva lotion. I have been using it for about 4years now. So far so good. But, I noticed it gives me very obvious green veins all over my arms and on other part of my body and this makes me uncomfortable as I feel my skin is so soft now.I later started using Perfect white but it causes me ezyema I had to go back to diva and that caused me a stretch mark by my shoulder. I'm thinking of discontinuing the usage. But then I need your advice. Do you think Diva lotion is a good product. If not, what product can I use and still have thesame complexion but without the green veins. Pls I need your tips. My name is Sofia.

  26. Dear Sofia.diva is a stupid cheap product that gives stretch marks…try fair n white so white.its wonderful. The pink one.please don't mix it with any serum .just use it alone

  27. Hi Lizzy, I'm dark skinned and would like to achieve a blended chocolatey tone, would Qei with almond oil give me this? Any other recommendations?

  28. I am a light skin person but of recent I am now dark that its unbelievable. So white was recommended and it was getting better but after usind like have of the content it has gone worse. I don't want a bleaching cream I just want to get my colour back pls recommend a good soap and cream for me. Thks

  29. I can see y'all are slowly losing your minds. What would bleaching accomplish? Is it stupidity talking or are you not aware of the side effects of bleaching/skin whitening. P.s being paper white won't get you husbands or money.

  30. I just love how you do your best to answer any question.what's the direction of use for the Q7. Carrote serum. What cream would be appropriate to mix it with.thanks lizzy
    am bluerose
    Am naturally fair before but I tanned way too much.was using claire express before now resorted to a mixture of hi white lotion and body white up serum

  31. Hi…..I need ur help.I'm really blaack.and my friends abuse me cos of it.please what cream and soap can I use to lighten me up….I'm 18 and a guy…..thanks..waitin expectantly for ur reply..

  32. Hi Lizzy, nice blog. I have been using QE1 for 7yrs with no problems, until I got the last one that didn't work for me at all. Since then I haven't used the right cream. I'm light complexion. Please your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  33. My dear sis there is no sure way of knowing exactly original product in the country, especially in the open market.

    But here is what works > buy from a reputable store like Konga or Shoprite. if you find yourself at Aba ask them the original, offer a tip for that. That city is really something else.

  34. Try Origin,the store is around that Westfied shopping area, Unit 1110-1111 Ground Floor. My knowledge of London is not that top notch, so bear with me.

  35. Any of the above creams will work. ok try Caro white. Here is an advice though being fair won't stop the abuse, it will likely increase it, since you care very much about what your friends say, I say you be yourself. There is no sense in a guy bleaching.

  36. Hi lizzy,pls I use caro white in the night. I don't want to use it during the day because of the sun. Pls can I use bio oil during the day? Will it slow down the lightening process?

  37. Hello, I'm dark in complexion and I tried some mix lotion but now I'll like something that will work good. I want to bleach completely. Also, my knuckles are naturally darker and I have black spots on my face. I'll like my skin to be uniform. Please help me what can I used??

  38. am a fair lady was using Patricia reynier stopped then used supreme white didnt see any result want to go back to Patricia reyneir is it a good cream please i want to av a light and glowing skin my name is zuriel

  39. Lizzy thanks for the good work. My skin is givin me a headache a lot of the good lotions don't work on me when I get sumtin that does just after two bottles the third one will make me charcoal black pls help me plus I have a thin skin

  40. you need to get your behind out of here…..i guess you disgrace your race by applying all those chemicals to your hair to straighten it to get white people hair consistency while those chemicals sink into your brain and damage your you know what. Holier than thous!!!! stop telling others what to do with their bodies while you do worse things to hurt others.

  41. His Lizzy I am naturally dark skinned but I had a smooth chocolaty face tone after I had my baby I just because too lipstick or powder seems to fit anymore…I need help to be at least a shade or two lighter…I used to feel really pretty in my skin before but it's the case anymore…I need a good combination of soap nd cream and whatever else can do the magic..I also have huge black snake like looking stretchmarks on my waist

  42. hello i am dark in complexion and i want to become very fair. i was wondering if i could use QEI CAROT AND CARROTTE WHITENING SERUM ?

  43. Good site lizzy. my buttocks and legs are very stubborn, actually they are dark and the rest of my body is light. can i use the FAIR AND BRITE GEL on these to parts?

  44. Hi please can you recommend something for black knuckles that really works i have horrible dark knuckles and its embarrassing thanks waiting for your reply

  45. Hi lizzy,please I use caro white cream at night,don't like to use it in the morning because of the sun. Can I use bio oil in the morning. Will it slow down the lightening process?

  46. Lizzy thanks for the good work my skin is givin me a headache a lot of lotion don't work on me and when I find one that does just after two bottles the third one will make me charcoal black pls advice plus I have a thin skin.

  47. Av use carrot glow but my dear you can't imagine how stretch marks tattoo. My whole body my breast,hips,and thigh, in fact my whole body I will never recommend this cream to anyone, bad cream ever!!!
    me who always watch myself and smile now turn to sm1 that cries everyday becos of this carrot glow that cause serious stretch marks all over my body

  48. I am light skin already but which qe1➕ should I use as there are quite a few. Privilege, harmonine, oriental etc. Thanks

  49. Hello liz,been using qei carrot,the serum n d bar soap,its been fan that my friends envy my complexion,but recently I got dark (work stress i guess)and saw ur blog got the Q7 carrotte Gold whitening serum today to brighten my skin b4 returning to my cream.What do u think?

  50. Hi I have been using Caro White for some time good cream…but I want something that will whiten me more…its better to finish what u started Will q7 carrot serum whiten me more than Caro White b?

  51. Hi Lizzy,nice job but you did not talk about using sunscreen during the day while using this bleaching product to avoid sunburn.please does serum have any side effect?I need a lightening cream contains sunscreen cos i am naturally fair, i just need a lightening cream to enhance my fairness and make my skin smooth that does not contain any harmful chemicals.

  52. Hi Lizzy. Nice blog. Please can you recommend any cream with Alpha Hydroxy Acid? I used one before and it was really good. I stopped using it because the perfume wasn't so nice. I want to be 4 shades lighter. Please please reply.. Thanks.

    1. Hello Lizzy my name is Fezy in Pretoria.I am using caro light since last 2016 and I like it.but the problems is ,it makes the palm of my hands brown .can u plz help how can I get rid of that.

  53. If I understand correctly you want a cream that will give your skin a lighter shade. If you're on a budget try caro white and constantly check your self when you reach your desired tone discontinue. The above soap is also good. As for stretch marks will soon write on that.

  54. Hi I am presently using the cream clear nature, I am chocolate, I want to get light without bleaching, which soap do you recommend for me? I thought of q7 carrot soap

  55. After the harmmatan season my skin gets darker from neutrogena oil…. Now I have shifted to skin success with fair and white carrot soap, can I regain my complexion with it?

  56. Hi Lizzy, nice job u've got here. I once used cars white, but I stopped it because it causes tan to my palm nd my skin. Could it be the reaction of the sun? Also am dark in complexion what soap nd cream can I get that is not too expensive? Thanks.

  57. Hi, i used funbact-a for severe pimples outbreak, it worked initially but gave me burns on either side of my face and it made my facial colour uneven. plus the pimples came back with a vengeance and then i stopped using it as it really brightened my face. its been almost two years now and i still have an uneven facial tone. i'll say use funbact-A, but thread carefully, if you can use a good sun-block with spf30 and above all the better. .
    just my 2 cents

  58. hi,

    please am seriously getting dark, i wana be fair. someone introduced me to otentika but am still dark.what cream should i used

  59. Hello lizzy, as a child I was light but too much exposure to sun turned my skin dark, my face being darker than the rest of my body. What would you recommend to become light again? Would fair and brite lotion work within three weeks for me? Please be as specific as possible with your response

  60. Hi lizzy its amazing how u try to answer evry1💛💛.i was using qei+ carrot its nice but kinda very expensive in my area in ghana its about 14k naira so i want to change to 55h+ any advice on dat..

  61. Dear All,
    As we all know being pretty and having flawless glowing skin is our aim, however we must not do so at the perils of our health. Please do not take my contributions as professional advise. There are less harmful ways of having a smooth and brighter skin rather than putting chemicals into our bodies with sometimes irreversible damage.

  62. Hello liz,been using qei carrot,the serum n d bar soap,its been fan that my friends envy my complexion,but recently I got dark (work stress i guess)and saw ur blog got the Q7 carrotte Gold whitening serum today to brighten my skin b4 returning to my cream.What do u think?

  63. Hi lizzy,plz i'm a bit fair in complexion naturally,i want a Good lotion that'll make my skin look very fresh and stunning,i don't want to bleach

  64. Thanks for ur good work lizzy. I'm fair but with tiny rashes on my face and hubby bought Elizabeth Aden but it makes me look dull and dark.pls help me to tone

  65. hi,

    i am seriously getting dark and i wana be fair, someone introduced me to otentika but its not working. what cream should i use? its urgent

  66. Its amazing how to answer evry1����nice job tho..i was using qei+carrot,but its kinda very xpensive in my area abt 14k i want 2 switch to 55h+ any advice

  67. There are safer ways to a brighter and smother skin than putting harmful chemicals into our system. Beauty they say begins from within.

  68. If u are on a budget I recommend carotone set (lotion, serum, BSC (black spot corrector)) the soap is OK but I prefer it with asantee papaya herbal soap. Trust me u will be happy. N.B carotone products has hydroquinon 2%, asantee has Q10, collagen, and AHA for super effect add fair and brite gel or neutrotone gel. u can use Nano extra white soap instead as well. All of these are not more than 3k

  69. I am light in complexion but I now have annoying black spots on my buttocks,how do I get rid of it? I've tried funbactA,acneaway, I use qei privilege lotion and I am now using the tubeof 4200 on my buttocks to get rid ofitbutall tono avail, whatdo I do?

  70. Please what do think about WHITE EXPRESS? I've used perfect whit of which it gave me eczema,later changed to Caro white which got my face burnt I just got white express after going on a 3month no cream on my skin break and I don't seems to see any changes..i've got a very stubborn,,what do u advice I do?? Urgent plz

  71. Pls am light but I want to be more lighter to maintain my colour, pls what should I use from the QEI cream pls thank u

  72. Thanks for this post. I have been a regular user of Caro white lotion and Idole Avocado for years. It been very good for my skin but I decided two months ago to give it a quit cos of the hydroquinone in it. I switched to St Ives 24hrs deep restoring with the same Idole soap and I got very dark. I was advised to get Papaya extract and used a whole bar and I get darker especially on my face. Am a light skinned but right now am very darker than my really self. Please what can I do? Caro white and Idole worked well on my skin but can't continue. Please help me to get an eventoned light skin back. What lotion can be helpful since I also have an oily face. Your replies are highly welcomed. Thank you!

  73. Please can carotone black spot corrector correct all the black knuckles perfect white cream has given me
    Please Lizzy i really need your help

  74. I just had a baby,can I start wit carp white and switch to carrot glow,cos I just had a baby and my complexion is dark me.what do u suggest?or should I go direct to carrot glow .thnks.u are doing a great job here.

  75. Hi, Am fair I use q7 gold carrot works. But I ve dark sports and black fingers and knuckles. How do I get rid of those?

  76. HELP!!! Still confused on the best qei cream to maintain fair skin. ive used d qei shea butter for 3 yrs which gave me pale yellow tone, just started using the carrot oil one but cant tell d difference. my quest liz is does the carrot one gv yellow tone a s well. cos i think d pale colour i got fro the sheabutter one has changed. what does the carrot one do. pls help love. x

  77. Hi dear, I'm dark skinned but not too dark cos I've tinned a little but with mixed creams. I wanna change cos I started having dark knuckles and discolouration here and there. I've bin reading at QEI and I like that it doesn't contain chemicals. Which one do u recommend will suit QEI privilege or hermon in. I want one that will be effective in maintaining a healthy complexion. Thanks

  78. Pls I have used Caro White lotion for more than a year with Idole Avocado soap and I must say it gave me the best skin color. Only two months ago, I decided to stop Caro white cos of the hydroquinone and starting with St. Ives and Papaya extract, I have turned very dark, infact my face is now darker than my body. Am so confused, don't want to return to Caro white even though its tempting. Pls help me cos I also have an oily face. What products do u think I can try. This is really important. Thanks!

  79. Please Lizy i have dark spots on my face that i have been battling to clear for years now to no avail, am chocolate in complexion and want to lighten a little bit which of these creams do you recommend and a soap to go with it.

  80. Hi lizzy, am semi fair in complexion but i want to be 2/3 shades lighter than mine, at the moment am using olay quench cream and fair and white soap, but it's not giving me d desired colour, and I also have an accident scar, what cream and soap do u recommend?

  81. I have been a regular user of Caro white with it saop & tube. Because of my face I'm light in complexion but due to the work am doing my face turn black but the rest of my body do not that is the reason 4 using dis cream and it work perfectly truly but when my face is now light and match the rest of the body I stop using the tube but I'm still using the rest of the cream but after some weeks my face turn to black again. I decide 2 use the tube again only to my face but did not work like the first time because my forehead now have two colour black and light spot like burns cars. So pls what should I do, should I discontinued using it or what because I did not use the tube to all my body only to my face since I light in complexion but not very light. Pls what should I do to my face to come back 2 normal.

  82. Hi lizzy am fair and want to get like three shade fairer can I use each of the cream you mentioned one in three months? When I have the shade I want I will them stop and start using the carrot glow

  83. hi lizzy…i use be fair and hv a clear skin and all of a sudden it becomes tamed and unclear with sun burn by both side of my face and pimples woth spot. i dnt know what to use for a month now i hvnt used any cream. its really makng me uncomfortable. i need a good cream for my face. pls what can i use

  84. Hi Lizzy, what do you think about E-6 Skin Lightening Lotion. I'm very light complexioned, just need something to maintain the glow. E-6 is making me look white. Pls i anticipate your urgent response. Thanks

  85. Hi, I'm chocolate in complexion. I have an oily face with little pimples but my skin is a bit dry. pls I need a body lotion that will lighten me 2-3 shades lighter and not cause breakouts or enhance my stretch marks cos I already have little. Thanks

  86. Hello please I'm dark skinned and I want to go a shade or two lighter. I want to have this caramel complexion. What product do I use please? I don't want to buy all these mixing creams because those ones bleach the skin.

  87. Hey. I really need your help. I want to whiten my skin but almost every creams and lotions that I've used leaves my hands and feet with dark knuckles and hyper pigmentation. I have a sensitive skin, please is there anything you can recommend for me that will whiten my skin and also get rid of the dark knuckles and hyper pigmentation?

  88. Hey boo, what's good ❓. Okayy…so I want to know what do you call, them pills💊 that the actors be taking & they b getting all Thick all of a suddenly in the Movies. & how can I order it.

  89. Ummm hi 👋😄 there. What do you call the pills, that the actors be swallowing & get very fat in the Africans movies. How can I order it baby. I am so sick of these bones on my chest….

  90. Get the renew gluthatione soap and then qei+ with carrot oil.. Mix the qei+ with carrot oil with gluthatione serum.. You will get an amazing color. Good luck

  91. Get the renew gluthatione soap and then qei+ with carrot oil.. Mix the qei+ with carrot oil with gluthatione serum.. You will get an amazing color. Good luck

  92. I need good cream cox am fair but after child birth my skin got dark..i was using so white maxi tone after which I was introduced to fair and white gold but am still d way I am.i need good cream to lightening my skin

  93. Please what do think about WHITE EXPRESS? I've used perfect whit of which it gave me eczema,later changed to Caro white which got my face burnt I just got white express after going on a 3month no cream on my skin break and I don't seems to see any changes..i've got a very stubborn,,what do u advice I do?? Urgent plz

  94. Why the fuck should you say funbact a is a bleaching cream … Ts a steroid that should be used for skin infections and not to lighten skin… Continuous usage after 3 weeks at most cause alarming side effects including skin atrophy, excess hair growth, hyper pigmentation, and so many others.. It shouldn't even be used to treat acne.. Get your facts right

  95. Hello ma… Stumbled upon this thread and i took my time to read through the post, most of the comments and replies so far… I must commend, ure doing a great job! Ma pls, have you written the artcle on getting rid of old stretch mark? Mine isn't as a result of cream sha.

  96. Hi Lizzy. I really appreciate ur kindness and patience responding to our questions. I'm ready to try out the QEI privilege cream but can u tell me any toning/exfoliating shower gel to use along with it. Again, I got dark knuckles from my previous cream I didn't know had hydroquinone 😭. Exactly what should I use to get rid of them,,,,it's my wedding bell ringing soon ooo abeg🙌. BTW, dis carrot serum u talking about, I think there alot of them in d market with same name. Pls upload a pic of it so i can be sure. Gennie

  97. Hmm even in 2017 people are still commenting, oya lemme comment too. Found this Very useful, enjoyed reading the comments(not all tho) For those of you that wanna go some couple more shades lighter try Caro white Fade milk cuz I did get shades lighter myself when I used it. However, I did get bored and decided to use Egg Yolk not the Queen Helene the Body Lotion and it was all sorts of nasty. Broke out pimples on my face, neck and chest but it did get me verrrrrry light and eventually my knuckles looked horrible, I did a chemical peel(don't try it) anyway I Sha still have dark knuckles but looks normal. Now am thinking if I go back to Caro white what's gonna happen? Will my skin get blended or worse?? I need someone to see into the future and get back to me. Aunt Lizzy do u have a crystal ball there??

  98. initially I used to use carol white though am a light person, have used this for so many years but I tried to change cream to Nano mixed with oils, it function well at first but after 5 weeks I noticed some black spots in form of pimples on some parts of my body not even only my face then I stopped using the Nano thinking something is wrong… I bought beauty express but works slowly cos am now becoming black, subsequently I noticed another skin infection on my body like rashes… I was advised to stopped every cream am using which I did and start to treat damages the former creams has caused… the pimples all over my body is leaving gradually but am becoming black and dark daily cos I don't use any cream again….

  99. Hello! Great Blog.. I just had a baby and I have dark patches of pigmentation on my skin (whole body) before the pregnancy I was fair in complexion but during the pregnancy I became so dark it came to a point my friends and family barely recognized me.. Please help me and recommend a body lotion or cream and soap that I can use to help me get back that glowing skin.. Thank you and Glod Bless..

  100. Hi lizzy, i have discoloration on the left side of my face, the right side is normal, I'm almost light skinned, I'm a shade or two from being light skinned. The left side of my face looks burnt as there are light and dark patches. What cream can i use to clear the patches(discoloration) and still maintain an even skin tone. I don't want to be light skinned completely, i just want to maintain an even skin tone.

  101. Hi Lizzy, how r u, please I started using clear clinic but it gave me hives, I had to stop. I need a good cream which won't react on my body and make me 2-3 shades lighter.. thanks dear

  102. Hello Lizzy pls i want to learn more abt cream becos iam into cosmetic
    I realy need to get intoch with u,I va been following ur advice all dis while. dis my contact 08054198032

  103. hi sm chocolate skin colour and have acne and dark spots ,which o the qei can i use,i jst want to tone my skin

  104. Hi Lizzy I'm not to fair person but desire to have a glowing skin, I use excess beauty lotion it works well for me but when am expose to sun even if it's less then an hour I turn dark. Pls which cream will u recommend for me I wish to be fair by wedding is in three months. Lizzy I also have stretch marks on my upper arms what do i do use to get rid of it .

  105. i have been using QEI And Q7 Carrotte serum for a month and so far no results lol
    I also took the gluta pills for 5 months n ddint work… ooh lord? i have bad luck with this stuff lol

  106. hi how long dd it take it to get light?Can i get the E6 Online. am trying very hard lol
    she said the carrotte Q7 could lighten within 10 days and now i been using it for a month and it dont work.I also bought the QEI and it dont work either.been using em for a month lol
    am tired,maybe I go get injections in LA now lol

  107. well if you want a lighter skin then that means that means that you wanna bleach it.. no cream will make you 2shades lighter without bleaching it lol, and most creams lie
    you need to really get a good one.I read about QEI And Q7 CARROTTE and FUNBACT A and bought them off this site and so far they haven't worked.spent like 350 dollars and I bought like a month ago .

  108. Pls…I'm useing fair & white body lotion… (the big pink container)…but it's giving me body reactions, like ezema on my back, neck and face…it's really embarrassing… pls which other cream can you recommend to correct my skin..A cream that will whiten me without bleaching nor skin reactions.

  109. Pls I recently purchased this Q7 Carrotte Whitening Serum, the colour of the serum is dark brown/black. Can I still use it? Is it expired? I'm worried because the close of most serum I've seen is clear/white. Please advice

  110. I use crystal white mix with rapid white serum from mama tega stores at Yaba while I bath with debbitone herbal soap mixed with honey, 3 lemons, ku spa body scrub and dissolved stretch marks, no spots and no wrinkles. Thanks

  111. Without a skin test you cant be absolutely sure, however if you must go back to caro, use and observe and make sure you use only it do not mix.

  112. Am Tessie
    I used the darling skincare essence and magic oil and it was magic for me and gave me exactly what I wanted, and a lot of people told me they loved my skin, I talked them my other messages here so a lot of ladies wanted me to send their number but I had to ask first to avoid issues, anyway you can call them if you want your skin to look glowing and perfect. 07067002604 calls and whatsapp..

  113. Hi Lizzy, i m fair and i have been using caro white but because of pimples i change to Jergens carrot and now am getting dark and some burns on my face, i want to go back to caro white or i should contineu. Thanks

  114. hi, please i need you to recommend a soap and cream that can turn dark person to glowing chocolate color.

    thank you.

  115. Hi Lizzy am using cari light for my black hands ,I like it but the problem is,it makes the palm of my hands brown what can I do to get rid of that. Because I don’t wanna stop using it.but if there is any lightning that l can use for my black hands u can help me

  116. Hi please my skin colour is chocolate but I need whitening lotion ,face cream and soap that will make me glow and that will reduce my stretch marks for me and the price should not be much. I need urgent reply thanks

  117. Comment Text*pls I need a better cream for myself which one can I use the one am using is bringing out green veins Des I am not dark not too fair I need some thing natural

  118. Hi Lizzy , please what cream can I use to give me a bright and glowing colour, because I have used alot of creams but none of them are working on my skin. Am FAIR in complexion. I don’t want a bleaching cream oo.

  119. You need a cream with lightening your skin or want face cream that can give u a glowing face or desire to clear that pimples you hate so much, don’t hesitate to write dchoice skin care on whatsapp. 08038156191

  120. Hello. My body is so strong and I wanna lighten up,and have a glow skin
    What body cream and face cream can u recommend for me?
    Thank you!

  121. Hello. My body is so strong and I wanna lighten up,and have a glow skin
    What body cream and face cream (including body and face wash) can u recommend for me?
    Thank you!

  122. Hi , really nice article. I’m naturally light brown to fair, but had a bad spate with “organic cosmetics” . Now using QEI+ OR but still having dark knuckles and feet , and my complexion doesn’t look so clean. Pls what can I use?

  123. Please I need a cream that will lighten me without stretch marks or knuckles am using an organic mixed cream now yet no results please what should I use I really want my skin fresh with no spot

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