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8 Best Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams

By Elizbeth Lizzy A Beauty Therapist Update: We will be doing the first skin clinic in Nigeria, and it’s free! courtesy of AIM and major cream retailers in the UK and Africa, I will be there live.

7 Best Over The Counter Creams And Oils To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Written by Elizbeth Lizzy – beauty therapist.There is nothing like total flawless I mean skin that is 100% clean with any blemish, but we aim for 95%. One of the major skin defects that hinder one from

8 Best Bleaching And Lightening Creams For Black And Fair Skins

Here are best lotions and creams that’s currently available in the market, now this creams will make your skin fair and white, it doesn’t matter if you’re darkish like charcoal or if you’re already reasonably fair. What