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7 Best Rechargeable Fans And Prices In Nigeria

When it comes to Rechargeable fans they are many in Nigeria, but finding ones that will last long considering the power situation in the country is an issue. The popular brands like Lontor, Sonik, and Century are

8 Best Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams

By Elizbeth Lizzy A Beauty Therapist Update: We will be doing the first skin clinic in Nigeria, and it’s free! courtesy of AIM and major cream retailers in the UK and Africa, I will be there live.

Simple Way To Book And Schedule Flyairpeace Flights Online Prices And Ticket Info

This will take you a some seconds or at most a couple of minutes, online booking generally is fast, but with this method you’ll be faster, the best part of it is you are under no obligation

7 Best Over The Counter Creams And Oils To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Written by Elizbeth Lizzy – beauty therapist.There is nothing like total flawless I mean skin that is 100% clean with any blemish, but we aim for 95%. One of the major skin defects that hinder one from

How To Know If A Car Is Stolen Or Genuine Before Purchase

You can be to careful this days. That is why you need to be cautious in everything you are buying, especially when it comes to cars. You see buying a car in Nigeria is very easy especially

Upcoming Nigerian Blogs To Watch Out For This Year

There are a lot of blogs coming up in the country, this sites are really the blogs you should follow if you’re serious in finding latest contents. There are blogs that are all about entertainment, Donto Dike

Top Portable Diesel Generators For Home And Office Use Prices And Specs

Diesel Generators are often viewed as those heavy messy engines with oil every where that runs on Gas, well it’s no longer so, Tech is changing and everything is changing with it. Generator manufacturing companies are changing

New Startimes Nigeria Bouquets Channel List And Subscription Prices

Startimes NG is a company that renders Pay TV services in Nigeria,  in conjunction with the Nigerian Television Authority NTA,  they are proving to be  a very strong alternative to Multi Choice DSTV, actually Startimes is a

Huawei Y3 Full Review Specifications And Prices Cheap And Yet Powerful

When I saw this device and what it can do I thought I thought the average Nigerian will find it difficult to get it. Imagine my surprise when I saw the price tag.  The price doesn’t  come

How To Exchange Your Old Phone And Get A New One

Get your old mobile devices out is time you save money from buying a new smartphone no need to buy while you can exchange. Get those old phones like Nokia 3310, xpressmusic, etc, exchange them and collect