How To Know If A Car Is Stolen Or Genuine Before Purchase

You can be to careful this days. That is why you need to be cautious in everything you are buying, especially when it comes to cars.

How To Know If A Car Is Stolen Or Genuine Before Purchase

You see buying a car in Nigeria is very easy especially when you have the money, on the other hand it is also very easy to get scammed or worse buy a stolen one and have the police on your trail.

Here is how to confirm if the car you’re going to buy is stolen or if it is original or fake.

When buying any vehicle there are three categories, but we will be dealing with two here, because it is common.

Tokunbo and Nigerian Used.

1. Tokunbo (Usually imported from Abroad)


1. First you have to ask for the custom papers and do a VIN check on the said vehicle.

2. Then make sure you buy from a registered car dealer or stand.

3. Then check for repainting of the car, most obvious in the bonnet area where it’s hard to respray.

4. Check the glass for any engraving.

Nigerian used

1. You’ll to ask for customs document and ensure its

2. Ask for vehicle documents original ones.

3. Confirm name on documents, whether it will match sellers name if not let seller provide
proof of sale from the original owner and possibly receipt of sale (they are two separate

4. Input the plate number in FRSC database and make sure it conforms with the said vehicle registered.

5. Then make sure all documents are original not photocopy.

6. It is good you take a selfie with the seller and the said vehicle.

Some Important Resources.

This link is used for Plate number verification for registered cars with plate number.

 Number Plate Verification.


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