5 Steps To Fix Unfortunately Package Installer Has Stopped

When you download an application from the internet or you the app through Bluetooth and Xender  or Flash share and your phone wont allow you to install it.
You get the unfortunately package installer has stopped error, when you try to install the app. Here are what you need to do.
Step 1: First step is to download Installer which is Install Apk
from the Play Store.
Install Apk is basically an app that serves as an interface between your phone hardware and software, of course the app is limited to installing APK files and nothing more.
2: Then open Installer – Install Apk
3: It then scans your applications, all your downloaded applications that are not installed should then appear.
4: Tap on that downloaded file you want to Install and click install, you should see the install
5: Accept and install, you won’t get that annoying error message during and after installation.

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