How To Fix Unfortunately BBM Has Stopped

If you’re getting this error message when you open your BBM  application on your phone or tablet. Here is how to fix it.
How To Fix Unfortunately BBM Has Stopped
When this happens, first thing you have to do is check your BBM app version, at least the version should be up to, if it isn’t please update to the latest version. Visit Google Play or to update to the latest version of BBM for Android.
If you’re still experiencing this error, move on to the next step.
If you are on Android phone, locate the BBM application, in settings, apps, all apps, open and,
– Clear Catch and force stop first.
Then open the app, if it is not working. Go back to settings and apps then all apps. And clear
– The cache and force stop, then clear data this time around.
Note: Clearing data may result in  lose of your BBM data which include your chats, photos, videos and other media that you may have sent or received.

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