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Top Sites For BBM Pins Exchange

Meeting new people every day is always exciting, so whether you get to meet them via the Blackberry messenger app or any where online, it is always exciting chatting with them. As for BBM pins, there are

How To Get BBM Pins And Whatsapp Numbers of Hot Pretty Girls And Guys

The craze for Blackberry messenger this days is enough to create a niche for ladies and gentlemen, especially the ladies and gentlemen of pleasure as they will like to be called, but perhaps there are just hot

How To Find Whatsapp Numbers Of People Worldwide

There are places that you can go and find numbers of people who are in Whatsapp. People who are willing to chat. This Whatsapp users are not just restricted to a particular country or continent. They are

How To Fix Unfortunately BBM Has Stopped

If you’re getting this error message when you open your BBM  application on your phone or tablet. Here is how to fix it. When this happens, first thing you have to do is check your BBM app

Top Practical BBM Secret And Hidden Codes

Whether it’s an iPhone, Android or Blackberry, whichever platform you’re using your Blackberry Messenger on, you need this codes and serect shorcuts. This not only makes your BBM chat life simple, it makes your life simplier.When BBM

Download BBM For Windows Phone Now Beta

Finally the long awaited BBM has now been made available for Windows, I wrote a complete tutorial on how to download BBM on Windows Phone ealier, that tutorial involves waiting and hasns’t come full cycle, but with

How To Download BBM To Windows Phones

Update!!download BBM For Windows Directly. Hurray! For some people who are waiting and dying to make use of BBM on their Windows phone, thank your God, you’re now in luck, Blackberry has decided to copy BBM from