Top Sites For BBM Pins Exchange

Meeting new people every day is always exciting, so whether you get to meet them via the Blackberry messenger app or any where online, it is always exciting chatting with them.
As for BBM pins, there are websites where you can get this pins, or exchange yours with someone else, that is giving yours for the person to give hers.
Top Sites For BBM Pins Exchange
There are many pins, cutting across different gender, both male and female, girls and boys, men and women, on different continents and countries.
First on the list is a forum, this is where many people from different walks of life comes together to share their pins, so people can add them up.
They are already registered, so their profile is there, you can look them up without adding, if you decide any one is worth adding you can go ahead.
A blog that brings together many BBM pins especially BBM pins of hot girls to your door step.
In addition to the ones available there, you can request for any other pin by filling a form.
This site also has Whatsapp numbers for those who like to chat on Whatsapp.
This website as the name implies gives you pins of people free, you dont even need to register or complete any form to access the pins.
Just open the website, click to the appropriate  category, the pins will be displayed along with the picture of each user.
The downside of this site is it is mainly for male users.
There you have it. We are not responsible for any pins you find. Do your due diligence before adding up.

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