Simple Way To Book And Schedule Flyairpeace Flights Online Prices And Ticket Info

This will take you a some seconds or at most a couple of minutes, online booking generally is fast, but with this method you’ll be faster, the best part of it is you are under no obligation to pay for any flight, you can just follow this steps check the of type flights they offer, the destination, prices, and other flight conditions, if you don’t like what you see you can cancel the flight right there. As you’ve not paid your fare money.

Flyairpeace flight online booking is very easy and fast, to fly air peace flights you need to follow this steps closely to book flights

Steps To Book Flypeace Flights Online

1. First step is to visit their official online channel, that is their website flyairpeace

2. You’ll see this option,
Book A Flight
Manage Your  Booking
Online Check-in. By default the book a flight options and others are opened.

3. You’re going to see something like this,

Simple Way To Book And Schedule Flyairpeace Flights Online Prices And Ticket Info
4. fill in the fields in the form as appropriate and click or tap search & Book.

Some important things you should take note of when filling the forms

This form is divided into three sections namely the

– Book a flight section : This is where you search for and book your flights, you have the following options to fill up, first you have the option of choosing
– Round trip : Back and forth flight, e.g Lagos to Enugu, Enugu to Lagos with the same airline, in this case Airpeace Nigeria.
– One way trip : Just once
After the the trip options next is to select your flight origin and destination, i.e the ‘from’ and ‘to’ fields.

– The other options in this book a flight section are
– How many adult that will fly air peace, 13  year old are classed as adult.
– How many infants you’ll take with you less or equal to 2 years are taken as infants.
– Then select how many Children you’ll take with you or who are going to flyairpeace. 2-11 year old are classed as children.
– Last select the date you’ll be departing, and the date you’ll be returning if it’s a round trip. Then click or tap search and book.

You’ll be taken to the available flights where you’ll see available flights for that particular date.

List of Airpeace flight destinations in Nigeria

Flyairpeace flights are available in 5 cities in Nigeria, namely
Abuja FCT.
Asaba in Delta State.
Enugu in Enugu state.
Owerri in Imo state.
Kebbi in Kebbi state.
Lagos in  Lagos state.
Portharcourt in Rivers State.

Prices of Airpeace airline flights

Prices varies depending on many options for example the amount you’ll pay for a one way trip with a child or an in fact will be different from the amount of money you’ll pay for a round trip for yourself or with your friend. Also destination matters, for example the you pay for booking a flight from Owerri to Lagos is different from the amount of naira you’ll pay if you are from Portharcourt to Lagos.
The below picture shows the price from Enugu to Lagos for one Adult going on a 1 way trip, the Economy Class is 18678 NGN, while the Business class is 39038 NGN.
Simple Way To Book And Schedule Flyairpeace Flights Online Prices And Ticket Info
Looking closely at that screenshot you’ll notice that on Tuesday the price is lower. This shows that there are days airpeace flights go up and there days they go down, prices of flights for this airline tend to go up during the weekend and on Mondays.


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