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Download Love Sticker App For Android | WhatsApp stickers|

Download an app dedicated for your love needs, with this app you may not need to type text again, as the stickers do it for you. It’s simple really the stickers can stand in place of typed words, even sometimes does the job more than the text.



The sticker images are pretty expressive and direct to the point, it appeals to the emotion you’re trying to convey. Right straight to the point.

The good thing about this love sticker app for Whatsapp is the categories. It has different categories with different stickers.

Some of its categories are

For couples
For family
Lovers birthdays
Love gestures and hearts
I’m sorry Etc.

All categories have their own stickers to back it up. For example, the love gestures and hearts stickers contain stickers like love hearts, love gestures images, emotional gestures, and others.

You just have to Download it and try for yourself as they will help to revamp your love life if it’s down. They will also add spice to your intimate chats.

Again it’s not only for lovers, as these stickers can be used to chat with family members, friends, and other people, just have to pick the appropriate sticker to send to them.

It also works well for hookups as there are categories that can suit hook ups. Incase you don’t want to type it out, you can simply send it.

With stickers, you can’t be embarrassed as one can easily claim to another intention, even though what you sent was meant for another intention.

How to use Love Sticker app on Android

  • Download the app, then install it
  • Open it, choose from the available stickers
  • Add to WhatsApp
  • Open WhatsApp, click emoji you’ll see them with the categories appear.

Download from play store

Download Apk file

Enjoy. (Updated with fresh stickers every two weeks)

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