Easily Fix JW Library App keeps crashing On android

To Fix this issue of the JW Library app crashing whenever you open it, here are what you should do step by step.

Methods to eliminate this JW crashing problem

1. Clear cache

The first thing you need to do is to clear the JW library app cache, the cache is temporary data that may be corrupted, and so they might be keeping your app from working normally.

To clear the cache

  • You have to go to your device settings
  • Click on Apps
  • Click on manage apps
  • Scroll down until you find the JW library app

clear cache on JW library

  • Open it and goto storage, then Clear Cache.
  • Check whether your phone supports Autostart if it does turn auto-start off.
  • Come back and open the app again.

If the above step does not work, check the second step

2. Check memory

check memory on JW library

If you don’t have an optimal phone memory your JW library app will misbehave as you require at least 20 percent of free inbuilt memory.

Locate your file manager

Locate the Internal memory storage of your phone.

To do that go-to settings > storage > check memory status. If it’s more than 80 percent filled up.

Go back to your file manager and move some files from the inbuilt memory to your SD card if you have, otherwise you have to delete some files to free up data.

To find heavy files to delete or move pay attention to the following folders

  • DCM – This is were your self videos, and pictures you took by yourself are.
  • Xender > videos – This where all your received videos are stored.
  • Xender > apps- this is where all your received apps are stored.
  • Videos of movies folder
  • Download folder.

3. Update JW library app

Check whether there is a newly released update available on the Play Store, then download the new one. Go to play store and search for JW library, click on update, then install.

4. Clear data

This should be one of the last resorts, because once you clear data on for JW library, you are clearing everything you downloaded through the JW Library app, including videos, publications, Bible, etc. But this will definitely fix your problem.

To clear data

Locate your phone’s settings, go-to apps
Manage apps > JW library > storage > clear data.

clearing storage data on JW library

Go back and open the JW library app.

This will fix the problem. This store is as good as installing a new app. But if for some reason it didn’t work on your Android device, uninstall the current app and download a fresh app.

If you prefer to watch the video of this step by step guide, watch below.

Note: If you are using an old Android phone, check the phones be version as anything below 4.2 can not run the JW library successfully. So you have to check if your phone is not the cause of the JW library app that keeps crashing.

If you successfully fixed yours, please comment on the exact step and details that solved this your crashing problems, as it will help people fix theirs too if they encounter this problem now or in the future. There also other JW.ORG tools available for your use.


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