Easy Way To Close/Cancel Facebook Account For Good

How To Close/Cancel Facebook Account

For some known or unknown reasons you might be thinking of closing down your Facebook account either permanently or temporary. The unknown reasons are best known by you, while the known reasons might be as a result of two things.- External influence and Internal influence, external influence being the influence by others, either close friends, schoolmates, workmates, or others, even people you meet on Facebook can influence your decision to close down your account. While the other, that is the internal influence is the influence coming from within, that urge to close down your fb account which maybe as a result of emotional, physical or spiritual circumstance. Or you just need to know how you can cancel your Facebook account, to see whether it’s possible just in case.

We’ve seen some main reasons why you might wan’t to shut down your Facebook account, now is how to do it proper. There are two types of Facebook account closing you should know. They are

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A. Deleting of FB account
B. Deactivating of FB account

Deleting your Facebook account involve, removing your presence on FB, entirely, this means you have to think twice before going through this process, as you won’t have any other option to restore it, if you change your mind.

How to delete your Facebook A ccount

1. Backup your data If you wish, your pictures, and other files you need. To do this you’ve to download a copy of all of your Facebook data through the Account Settings. Goto the Gear icon in the upper-right corner to access it. Click the link that says “Download a copy of your Facebook data”. Download individual pictures by clicking the Download link at the bottom when you open them. This ensures you won’t miss your files.

2. Leave no trace If you want to leave no trace of your activity prior to deleting it, then you’ve to clear your activity, to do this open the Activity Log to undo all of your previous actions on Facebook, such as liking posts and comments you made. This will help ensure that little data about you remains after your account is deleted. To access the Activity Log, click the Privacy button in the top-right corner. Choose “Who can see my stuff” tap on the link for the Activity Log. And choose which parts of your activity you would like to delete.

3. Delete Link FB makes it very hard for you to delete your account easily, infact if you’re looking for that “delete account” link or button you won’t find it, so your best bet is to search for it online or follow this link, click delete and type your password and the CAPTCHA.

B. Deactivate your account The second step in canceling your Facebook is to deactivate it, this is quiet good if you just want to take a break from Facebook, closing your account this way ensures you still have a chance of reopening your account anytime you want. Unlike deleting your account this type is not Permanent.

How to Deactivate your account

Do this simple steps
Click the icon on Settings, and select Account Settings.
*. Open the Security section from the left menu.
*. Select the Deactivate your account link
*. A form will appear fill out the form for deactivating your account. You will still be able to be linked in posts and messaged, though you will not receive notifications about it.

Important! Deleting your Facebook account is very dangerous, how? See why you shouldn’t delete your account no matter what, read Warning is very dangerous to delete your FB account.

Now that you know this what next? Just make sure you choose the right type of account closing, so as not to regret it later. Either way you got what you’re looking for, what you do with this information is up to you.

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