How To Sign Out Of Gmail on All Platforms

True Google pay close attention to the overall design of their websites, making it structurally sound, with seemingly easy navigations. Although they do everything to make sure that their websites are good for users like us, they fail on one thing, which is “navigation” the important things like log out, log in or sign out buttons or links are often hard to find, although their site’s navigational structure is top notch when compared to majority of the website on the internet, yet that flaw is there.

Gmail, Google’s own premier email provider, where you can go and register for an account and start sending and receiving emails is not left out in this. To people who are new to Gmail, the website’s navigation, especially the important links are often hard to see. To the untrained eyes picking the logout link when you want to sign out is very hard, as there is no clear bold notice, that says ” Log out here” even there is no clear pointer to where the sign out link is. Again there is the issue of other gmail platforms like the mobile apps, that comprises of Gmail apps built for Java/Symbian phones, Android and iOS powered apps, including ones for ipad. Finding the sign out button can be a headache sometimes, so here is how to do this as quickly as possible.

1. On website

Open your Gmail account, check the top right corner click on your photo or email address. From the pop up, and select “Sign out.”

2. On mobile phones

Depending on the type of mobile phone you’re using this may change, but the concept is still the same. When logged on to mail. Just look at the bottom left, you will see your email address, Click that, a popup menu will appear select > Sign out of all accounts. This logs you out.

3. On the Google plus app

Google + is perhaps the best example of Gmail to other Google product intergration, Google plus is so intergrated to Gmail, that signing in to this social networking app, will somehow get you in your Gmail account. To sign out follow this simple procedures
-Tap or select the Menu icon, the three horizontal bars, doing this opens the left side navigation column.
– Tap > Settings, the Settings control panel will open.
-Select “Sign out” you’ll then be logged out of your Google+ session.

You’re done signing out, now you the sign out icons, and how to use them, signing out of your Gmail will be easier and faster, all thanks to this information you can now do this quickly with very little amount wasted.

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