How To View Full Websites On All Websites Not Mobile

Many websites now have two versions of their site, one is known as mobile version while the other is known as Desktop version or the full version. Viewing those websites that has a mobile version on your PDA or phones will result in a display that has less functionality and features, as some features are shed in other to accomodate your mobile device screen type, the features may vary depending on the mobile phone you’re using, for example what is displayed on a mobile version of a website on feature phones that runs on Java platform is different from that of Smartphones, that makes use Android and other Os like iOS.

What this means is, since such device as iPad, iPhone and others are all mobiles the mobile version of a site or blog that has a duplicate website made specifically for mobiles like yours will be shown. The difference is only the type of mobile you’re using, a Symbian phone can’t show complex flash graphics but an ipad or iPhone can, but basically a mobile website is still a mobile website, as important things are always hidden, this means you won’t get the same browsing experience you had on your computer, with your mobile device. But there is a way to go around this, here is the steps that when followed will get you to the full website of any site you visit. The below steps are two major ones, with others divided into sub-steps. The steps are like types in the sense that each step is capable of getting the job done, even without the other step, i.e one can simply do it.

The Easy steps to getting non-mobile sites

#1. Navigation & Intelligence

This is the first step that you should try, when you land at a mobile website, navigate all over the page, especially the lower side (footer) or the higher side, even the sidebars also, use your intelligence to look for this phrase “switch to a Desktop website”, “Switch to Desktop version”, “go to full site” or” web version” just anything in that line will do, click on and you’ll be automatically be redirected back to the main full featured site.

#2. Erase and Launch

Use this second step, if for some reason you don’t see the link to enable full site. This is a bit quite hard when compare to the first step, but very easy when on its own. What you’ve to do is obtain the url of the mobile website, to do this visit the site with your phone, and check the url (web address) which looks like this delete the extention “?m=1, and launch it. The full site will be shown.

Note, it’s important you know that this second step may be limited, but expect it to work very well in all Blogger powered websites, that is blog site like Internet helper blog. Other than that there is no other matters arising. O! There is one more step you need to know, I nearly forgot.

#3. Do some tweeking

If you’re using a smartphone like Android, you can trick the website to think your device is a computer, by changing your user agent string. You can choose a common setting, or enter a custom user agent string, Dolphin Browser is a browser that’s capable of that, it can be downloaded in the Android store.

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