How To Access Gmail Account Easily on Phones and Computers

There are many things in life that can make one miserable and frustrated, it’s not just that we are doing something wrong that brings that feeling, some times we may be doing everything right, yet that sinking miserable feeling keeps coming back, like a hunter to hunt us. If that is the case pause go back to the details of the things you did, there is where you’ll get the answer. You see the above scenerio is akin to what untrained newbies or even advanced ones feels with their email provider especially Google’s Gmail. There are times which you might be frustrated because you can’t access your emails convienatly, maybe you’ve been used to access it on your computer and no where else, imagine that you travelled without your PC, and you got an important mail which is time sensitive, you want to check it, and you only have your phone with you, which frankly speaking you can’t do any thing on it, because you don’t know it can be done. (check your mails on phone), what do you do? Frustration sets in, if you miss the important thing on that mail you’ll be miserable.

What about the saavy ones who can access their Gmail virtually on any where; Laptop, ipad, Android, iPhone etc, they are better off? No they are not if they use only one way, some times one may fail and they’ll switch to another if they no the “another” if they don’t they are miserable and frustrated. True it’s rare for Gmail, being of the product of such giant company as Google to experience technical hitches that may stop you from checking your mails directly, but there are no impossiblity, looking at what happened to Yahoomail recently users, you never know when it’ll happen to you, you’d best know this if nothing else, for keeps. Besides for those of you don’t know how to check your Gmail mails other than going to, this tutorial will show you another means.

How to check your Gmail mails

There are two major ways of doing this,
1. Web based
2. App based

1. Web based The Web or internet based type, the normal regular way you’re used to, here is where you’ll open your web browser and input on a tap, and enter. On your computer you either use Mozila, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or any other internet browser. On phones it’s the same, open your browser and type on the address bar. Depending on the type of mobile, if it’s a smartphone you may use some of the above mentioned ones. But if it’s a feature phone you can either use Ucweb or Operamini. brings out a form for you to fill with your sign in credentails, just fill them and submit, you’re in.

2. Application based There are many people that know and use this medium that is a fact, yet there are countless others who don’t know anything about this, some may do but they don’t care to use it. The application based process involves signing in to your Gmail via an application. Either owned application or third party ones, example of such are

According to Google ” POP and IMAP email clients such as Outlook, Mail and Thunderbird
*.Gmail and Google Calendar on smartphones
*.ActiveSync for Windows Mobile and iPhone
*.YouTube Mobile
*. Installed chat clients such as Google Talk and Adium
*.Picasa, 3D Warehouse, Sketchup, and installed applications
*.AdWords Editor “

Note Due to nature of Google a Gmail account gets you into this other applications, which means you can sign in to your Gmail account via any of those application. For non-Google products like Outlook you need to authorize them, you can do this the normal way or turn on a two step verification, to generate app specific passwords.

Among those applications Google Talk is one of the best, that illustrates application sign in. Just download the GTalk app in Google store, install it on your Android, iPhone, ipad or any other supported device including computers (Mac and Windows), next time you want to access your mails you might sign through this application. Just open it and fill your log in credentials. Apart from checking mails GT is primary for chatting, so you can chat with contacts too. Think GTalk thik Yahoo messenger.

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